Tuesday-Treasure #15


In this week’s Tuesday-Treasure, I share one of my favorite recipes with you! I posted my last recipe quite some time ago (Tuesday-Treasure #4 – Homemade Salsa)! It is very easy to do, takes just little time to prepare and you can use any leftover vegetables you have. I like to cook a bigger portion so I can eat this for 2-3 meals and don’t need to cook for a couple days. By the way, this dish is vegetarian and vegan.

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Tuesday-Treasure #4


Today’s treasure is something I have never shared with you guys. A recipe! It is vegan and vegetarian. Recently, I am obsessed with homemade salsa (although it was horribly hot in Germany). I had a bunch of bell peppers and tomatoes to use before they turn bad, so I was basically living off of salsa.

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10 Facts About Me


1) allergic to cats and dogs (and slightly pollen)


Sadly! I love animals and I love snuggling with cats and dogs of friends but my reaction to the fur is really uncomfortable. I know that I am not allergic to all dog breeds like poodles but I had a reaction to every cat I met so far. That is why the only pet I ever had was a hamster. But I loved it with all my heart teenage-Julia could! I don’t know why I have so many allergies since I was a kid that ate dirt…

 2) I’m soo bad at sports


I feel like I am cursed in the sports department. As long as I can remember, I hated sports and I was terrible at it. Starting in first grade, I felt almost harassed by my P.E. teachers. Why can’t they understand that some kids are good at sports and some are just not good?! The same with math. But noooo everybody has to be good at sports and it is just your attitude that is hindering you -.-
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