Liebster-Award No.7!


Der liebe siggirichi von Siggi’s Pictures hat mich für den Liebster Award nominiert! Danke dir! Wenn ihr an persönlichen Artikeln interessiert seid, dann schaut mal bei ihm vorbei.

1. Warum bloggest du?

Das ist alles ein soziales Experiment und Teil einer Studie, die ich für meine Abschlussarbeit erstelle.

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Tuesday-Treasure #2


This week’s special Tuesday-Treasures are you guys!

I want to thank all of my over 100 Follower for taking the time to read my articles, liking them and commenting!

You guys are awesome!

Currently I have a writing blockade because of different reasons but soon (I hope) I am going to be able to write everything down. Please be patient 🙂


What I love about blogging is not just writing itself but also finding great blogs and reading interesting articles about different topics. There are so many great blogs lost in the huge amount of blogs in wordpress.

Therefore, you can recommend some of your favorite blogs (your own or from other people) in the comments for me and other readers to check out.

See you soon!