July Recap 2017

scenery horizon

July is over now which means that my three months long intership is over and I can go back home to my boyfriend! Finally!

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September Recap


Why did I choose a pretty flower instead of fall leaves as this months main picture? Because this September was an extension of summer! It was still so warm and flowers were blooming in the garden!

Here are my answers for September:

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July Recap


I would like to start this series where I evaluate a month and answer some questions. I thought that weekly recaps would be a bit too much. The purpose of this series is to remind myself of the highlights of my month but also to work on myself and focus on things I want to improve or should pay more attention to. Writing down my goals, impressions and experiences each moth will help me to track my improvements and motivate me to work on myself.


1) What made you happy?

My 3-year anniversary with my boyfriend (do you want to know more about our binational relationship?)

2) What frustrated you?

One word: Terror

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