Can I do it?

My feelings vary between motivation and frustration.

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Invisible Illness


Did you ever see a person in a wheelchair and thought: “This person must be paralyzed”?

Did you ever see a person with crutches and thought: “This person must have problems walking”?

Did you ever see a person with a blind person’s cane or guide dog and thought: “This person must be blind”?


But what about a person without all these aids and signs of a sickness?

Don’t ever assume a person is perfectly fine just because you can’t see their problems.

“Oh, don’t be so lazy. Eat healthy and do sports. It will heal on its own.” Said by arrogant doctors and specialists across the country, who don’t want to admit, that they don’t know a diagnosis for a seldom and invisible sickness.

They have no idea how much the patient suffers every day, physically and also mentally, by being accused of laziness by ignorant people.

It doesn’t heal on its own since 20 years.


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