12 of 12 | February

Last month I came across an awesome blog post idea everyone can take part in. It’s called 12 of 12 and it was originally created by Draußen nur Kännchen. You basically take 12 pictures at every 12. of the month to document your day. This month I really want to participate!

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Tuesday-Treasure #15


In this week’s Tuesday-Treasure, I share one of my favorite recipes with you! I posted my last recipe quite some time ago (Tuesday-Treasure #4 – Homemade Salsa)! It is very easy to do, takes just little time to prepare and you can use any leftover vegetables you have. I like to cook a bigger portion so I can eat this for 2-3 meals and don’t need to cook for a couple days. By the way, this dish is vegetarian and vegan.

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