Jahresrückblick 2017 (end-of-the-year Review!)


Ich habe Impressions of Life gezwungen mir ein Stöckchen zuzuwerfen, weil ich die Fragen perfekt für einen Jahresabschluss finde! Ursprünglich ist die Idee von Blaubeermuffins machen glücklich!

You can find the English version of this end-of-year review down below! (First I wrote this post in German but that I thought that my foreign reader would also like to understand this review!)

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Wide Awake


Did this ever happen to you? You sleep peacefully and all of a sudden you wake up in the middle of the night and everything feels wrong? You start to doubt every decision from the day. You regret everything. You are going to fail. You will disappoint people. Nothing will work out as planned. Panic. Worry. Your heartbeat is going faster. Stress. Your inner peace is in danger. Your sweet sleep is forgotten. You are paralyzed with fear.

What to do?

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Do opposites attract each other?


Today I met Alice to study together and in a break we talked a bit about our relationships. She was previously in a relationship with a guy who was just like her and it made her crazy. (If you don’t know Alice you can read this post.) After two years they broke up. Now she is in a relationship with one of our classmates who is the total opposite of her. When the rumor of their relationship was spreading around, everyone react the same: “Whaaaaat??!! How can they date????”

Alice is a perfectionist, our classmate is pure chaos. She told me that this relationship is a nice and refreshing change.

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