Don’t lose your Inner Child


As I get older, I find it more and more difficult to not take things too seriously. There is more pressure and you are responsible not just for you, but also for other people. At some point, decisions seem so set in stone. If I am going to decide for option A, there is no turning back (or you can turn back with a great loss of time and effort).

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Difficulty of Giving Love Advice (+ Tips)


When I was in my hometown during the holidays, I met my best friends. We know each other since school! One of my friends has trouble in her relationship for so long already (they are a couple since 3,5 years). I don’t want to go into detail but let’s say they fight more than they have “good days”. I am already quite sick of their relationship because they always fight and she cries about him but goes back to him…

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July Recap


I would like to start this series where I evaluate a month and answer some questions. I thought that weekly recaps would be a bit too much. The purpose of this series is to remind myself of the highlights of my month but also to work on myself and focus on things I want to improve or should pay more attention to. Writing down my goals, impressions and experiences each moth will help me to track my improvements and motivate me to work on myself.


1) What made you happy?

My 3-year anniversary with my boyfriend (do you want to know more about our binational relationship?)

2) What frustrated you?

One word: Terror

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Toxic Perfectionism


As long as I can remember I thought I am a perfectionist.

I liked getting things done, getting them right and getting recognized for it. I always did my homework in school and university, studied well for every exam and was the “leader” in group work.

But it got to a point where I got problems. I couldn’t hand in my assignments or homework because I thought I could have made a mistake or the assignment wasn’t good. Before an exam I was afraid that I didn’t study enough.

At this point I asked myself why I want to do everything perfectly. It’s not because I genuinely enjoy things being done perfect, but because I fear of not being good enough. I fear of failing and regretting handing in a bad assignment or getting a bad grade. Maybe it would ruin my grade average and my future.

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