What I did today! 3/18

Today I decided do to a home office and not to go work for my thesis. Did I even mention that I’m back in my hometown/parents’ house? One more month of having a long-distance relationship…

8:00 Time to wake up! But it takes me a while to get out of bed…

9:00 I first put a load of laundry in the machine after I got ready.

9:15 For breakfast I’m simply having bread.

9:50 My motivation to start writing usually starts later in the day but then I write until I go to bed. So I procrastinate and hang the finished laundry up.

10:30 Mh, motivation strikes me early today. I must take advantage of it!

13:00 Another load of laundry and I start to cook lunch. Rice with vegetables! Well, it’a actually a russian dish but that explains it well.

14:00 Back to work…

16:00 I take a break on our patio. The weather is so nice today! I think this is the warmest day so far in 2018! The sun feels so good after the extreme cold weather the last week.

16:30 Dishes…

16:45 Keep on working!

18:20 Finished work for today. My brain is fried but I accomplish everything I wanted for the day.

18:30 I don’t have a proper dinner tonight but just a snack. So for the rest of the night I’m going to relax. I need to go to bed early because I will drive to work tomorrow. Cross your fingers that my meeting goes well! (Cross your fingers that the meeting actually takes place! We missed each other last week…)


For more “Day in the Life” you can visit Frau Brüllen.


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