What I did today! 1/18

Today is the 5th of January which means Frau Brüllen wants to know what we did all day!

Well, sadly the 5th is on this friday because I have absolutely nothing planned! Let’s see how boring a post can be…

8:30 I wake up with an alarm and stay in bed for the next hour. No reason to rush out of bed…

10:00 I’m finished preparing breakfast. I decided for a sandwich with butter, salami, tomato, cucumber, pickles and salad. To drink I have a hot chocolate because I really craved it! To whisk the cocoa powder in, I used my new foam whisker. Works great!

10:30 What now? I check my mails because I’m still waiting for data for my thesis… My professor send a request with my expose to the german equivalent of NASA to ask for data. Because of the holidays they didn’t reply yet but I could get an answer at any day now!

11:00 In between I look through my wordpress feed and read your blogs!

12:15 So far I just did about 450 steps (yes I got a step counter for christmas. I love this thing! So motivating!), so I decide to “walk” some errands. I even take an extra long way back. On the way I saw “Sternensänger”. Our house still lives in the year 2009… I did a full body workout yesterday (I’m still sore…), that’s why I’m fine with just walking today.

12:50 2500 steps later I’m back home. The weather was so nice after the last couple stormy days!

13:00 Quick shower after my brisk walk and then I relax for a bit.

14:15 I start to make lunch for my father and me (my mum has a canteen at work).

15:00 Lunch time!

16:00 Ugh my grandma has dementia and she let a stranger in her apartment and gave him our number because she can’t deal with that anymore. We tried to figure out who that person is and “scolded” my grandma (you can’t scold a dement person, they just don’t know better) for letting a stranger in etc. He could be a bad man. It get’s worse and worse with her… She can’t live alone anymore…

17:00 I hang out with my mum. She was quite stressed the last couple months and needs to vent. Well, I’m not the best person to talk to.. 

I constantly have the smell of vinegar in my nose. I spilled the vinegar for the salad dressing for lunch and now the smell lingers everywhere…

18:00 Cleaning the kitchen!

18:30 Gilmore Girls, lift my spirit up!

Ok for the rest of the day I’m going to relax. Nothing spectacular… 

At 18:30 my step counter was at 4000! That might be not much for some people but I usually make 2000-3000 steps a day. You guys motivate me to walk more!

And no, I got no mail! Hurry up people!! I’m bored out of my mind!!


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