12 of 12 December 2017

It’s the 12th of december which means I’ll show you 12 pictures I took throughout the day! Find out more about 12 of 12 from Draußen nur Kännchen.

1 of 12: I have to wake up early to go to an appointment. My alarm should have rung earlier because I had a bad nightmare… Anyways, I manage to crawl out of bed and get ready but unfortunately it’s so cold and windy today! Here you can see the leftover snow from the weekend.


2 of 12: I made a new friend on the tram!


3 of 12: Ah my favorite part about physiotherapy! I lie under this heater for about 10 minutes before the treatment (and the pain!) begins.


4 of 12: Then I drive back home and have a simple breakfast. I didn’t eat breakfast before…


5 of 12: Then my boyfriend and I go to the drugstore to stock up on some things. Did you know that you can pay with alipay in rossmann??


6 of 12: Before we went to the drugstore we washed some laundry in the washing room in our dorm. I have to wait a couple more minutes…


7 of 12: Yay finally! I hand in my last assignment before the master’s thesis! Yes, it took me 5 months to finish this. I had no deadline so I had no motivation to work on it!


8 of 12: I met another friend! I feel like a disney princess!


9 of 12: It’s 12 o’clock when I come home. My morning was quite busy, so I relax for a bit and then cook my staple food. Spaghetti with homemade sauce and mozzarella!


10 of 12: Mh and then I do some uni work. Afterwards I lie on the couch and fall asleep. For 2 hours! I usually never nap but I really didn’t sleep well last night… So I workout and shower to wake up again. Then I use one of those capsules. I love the texture of this stuff and it makes my skin sooo soft!


11 of 12: This sucker hurt all day long!!!!


12 of 12: After dinner I watch Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy. Then I will read until I fall asleep. (Yes, I crocheted another kindle case…)


Read my last 12 of 12 in November. It was my birthday!

See you soon!


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