What I Did Today!

I wanted to try the blog idea by Frau Brüllen where you basically blog about what you did on the 5th of every month!

9:00 My day starts with an alarm (yes I need an alarm to wake up at 9!) But before I get up, let’s procrastinate with the phone.

10:00 Breakfast time and afterwards I fold some laundry.

11:00 I need to go to the grocery store because we are out of milk (well, I also bought other stuff as you will see later).

12:00 After I come home, I check my mails and relax for a bit.

12:30 I start to do the dishes because my boyfriend already made his lunch. Then I start cooking! I usually don’t do meal planning. I go to the store and see what’s on sale and then I ponder what I can do with it. So I basically made a stir-fry with potatoes, onions, garlic, cauliflower (was on sale today), broccoli (was on sale on saturday) and red cabbage. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, paprika powder and a sort of asian blend seasoning. Ate it with a herbal quark (bought today) and ketchup.

13:30 Lunch is ready! I made a mistake with the broccoli… I usually also peel the stem and eat it but this time it was so hard and woody! Maybe it was too old and dry. So I picked the stem out but it looked like the potatoe so it was difficult to find…


14:30 I still have to do some uni work. I’m currently finishing up the report for my internship I did in the summer. Luckily, I wrote the report during the internship when I had nothing to work on. It’s actually a blessing that I procrastinated working on the report until months later because I’m not into the tasks anymore. I forgot most of it, so when I reread it now I see a lot of parts which don’t make sense if your not an expert.

15:30 Time for a snack break. Today I bought a lemon cake because I was craving it for at least two weeks! I don’t like to bake myself because my oven is a mess! I just have a little toaster oven and a regular cake tin barely fits into it. That leads to the problem that the cake doesn’t bake evenly. A muffin tin doesn’t fit in the oven and single muffins are just a pain to make. It takes forever because you can just bake little batches. Ok, oven rant over!

18:00 I’m finished with my report and send it to my brother to proofread it. Now I can check off my to-do list for today!

18:30 Gilmore Girls!

19:30 I like to write my to-do list for the next day in the evening. I’ve done that for about a week now and it works really good!

20:00 After dinner (just a baguette like in my 12 of 12 October) I will read until I go to bed (ok I will probably watch some youtube videos in between). Currently I read “Schwestern des Schicksals” by Consuelo Saah Baehr. And this is how I end the day and this blog post!

See you soon!



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