November Recap 2017

This is not a fun recap. This month was awful… Don’t read if you expect a positive uplifting post!

1) What made you happy?


2) What frustrated you?

(This happened after I wrote my The Waiting Game and Overthinking article.)
This f*cking master thesis! I already hate it!!!!!! I couldn’t get good data and can’t do my topic! Done research for nothing!!! Wasted time!!! Now I certainly need 6 semester for my master… I hate it. I don’t even want this master anymore.

3) What were you grateful for?


4) What made you proud of yourself?


5) What do you want to improve?


6) Did you fulfil the goals from October?

1. Eat at least one portion of fruit every day.

Yes, there were some exceptions when we just didn’t have any ripe fruits at home but I think I fulfilled this goal 90% of the time!

2. Crochet more.

Yes, as you saw in my Tuesday-Treasure #65!

3. Lose 1kg.

Mh not really but I became more conscious of what I’m eating and that’s what matters for me.

7) What was your favorite blog post last month?

The After – Traveling Alone

8) What are your 3 goals for next month?

1. Have a more relaxing christmas than last year! I wrote in my Tuesday-Treasure #19 (I had to look hard for this…) about my last christmas which was really stressful! This year I want to cook and prepare less.

2. Spend quality time with my friends when I’m back in my hometown!

3. Celebrate my brother’s and my birthday (and my father’s)! Our birthdays were in November and I haven’t had a chance to celebrate with my family yet. And of course we are going to celebrate my father’s birthday just in time at the end of December! (So many birthdays!)

[There are no goals regarding uni because I gave up on this one! Can’t plan anything anyways… I’m too dependent on the work of other people who never reply!!]

See you soon!


5 thoughts on “November Recap 2017

  1. Think positive! Ich hoffe, dein Dezember wird besser als der November. Klar ist ein Semester Verzögerung nicht schön, aber wer weiß, wofür es gut ist? Wer da drauf guckt, hat dich eh nicht verdient! Liebe Grüße

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