The Waiting Game

I feel like I haven’t really talked to you for a while. The posts about my China trip were overtaking my blog and that’s why I wrote a life update for you today!

A quick run-through:

So I came home from China to my uni city at the end of September. A couple days later I went to my hometown for 2 weeks until my boyfriend came home from China. In this 2 weeks I had meetings at the company where I did my internship in summer because I plan on writing my master’s thesis there. We settled on a topic and my professor also agreed to it. I’m back at my uni city since mid October and started my research. Whenever I can finally start my thesis, I will go back to my hometown and work in the company. This means my boyfriend and I will have a long-distance relationship again… But he already booked his tickets to visit me over Christmas and New Year’s!

My current problem:

The problem is the acquirement of data. I need satellite data and the free satellite data is just not good enough. I’m in contact with different companies but there are no satisfying result. Now the company where I’m writing my thesis tries to get data.

My bigger problem:

I’m so freaking impatient. I want to start NOW! No, I wanted to start 3 weeks ago! I guess you can call researching a start, but I have no motivation to read anymore. I want to practically start! I’m anxious because I’m wasting time and don’t work enough. I’m basically annoyed of this waiting situation. Since this is going on for 3 weeks, I kind of got used to it and I’m more relaxed. There is nothing I can do at the moment. I should enjoy this relaxed time because it will soon be different (hopefully).

I’m also really annoyed of my living situation. I’m partly living in my hometown (not in my old home but in my parents’ new place) and partly in my uni city. I currently can’t plan when I’m where and it’s bugging me so much. I had a bunch of doctor appointments because there are some things I was just pushing back for a long time but I can’t ignore the pain anymore.
One of things I had to do (besides finding new doctors in this uni city and making 1000 calls – and I hate calls!) was physiotherapy and I first planned to do the therapy in my hometown but then I realized that it doesn’t make sense to go to my hometown when I can’t work on the thesis yet. So I do the therapy in the uni city and my last appointment is next week. I planned to go to my hometown somewhen next week (hopefully we have data until then). Now it turns out that I need to get an MRT and you need to wait at least 3 weeks for an appointment. Where should I do the MRT? Here or in hometown?? But my good doctor is here! Where am I going to be in 3 weeks?? Ahh I hate this!!

Instead of feeling like I have 2 homes, I feel like I have no home at all. We also study for about half a year more and then we have to move out of the dorm. To which city will we move? I don’t know. I don’t even want to buy decoration or anything at all because I think that it’s not worth it when we move soon. I have to transport everything I own and there is no point in buying anything irrelevant right now.

That’s not what I call living. All I do is waiting…

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5 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Chaos im Kopf. Kenne ich.
    Alles Gute.
    Und das Wohnungsproblem haben wir auch etwas, die Eigentümerin unserer Wohnung hat sich entschieden diese zu verkaufen. Nun heißt es abwarten und hoffen jdm kauft sie und möchte nicht einziehen, sonst müssen wir uns innerhalb 6 Monaten was anderes suchen 😦

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