10 Unpopular Opinions

My 10 unpopular opinions:

  1. Avocados taste like gras.
  2. My weight is perfectly fine.
  3. I will always choose pizza over every other meal option.
  4. I don’t like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.
  5. Dog owners getting their mouth kissed and licked by their dog is the most disgusting thing ever.
  6. I like the unhealthy and soggy burgers from McDonald’s and Burger King more than a freshly made burger in a restaurant. (They probably manipulated my taste over the years…)
  7. When kids throw tantrums I have to laugh (because I don’t have to deal with them). They cry over the stupidest things…
  8. My brother is my best friend, we always had a good relationship and often hang out together when I’m visiting my hometown.
  9. I prefer a relaxed evening at home over going out.
  10. I don’t like the Kardashians but why is their show so addicting??!

What is one of your unpopular opinion? Do you agree with some of my opinions?


[This is a scheduled post. I’m on vacation and can’t immediately respond to comments.]


8 thoughts on “10 Unpopular Opinions

  1. Coole Idee für einen Blogpost und interessante “opinions”! 🙂 Ich finde es unmöglich, sich auf der Arbeit über Privates zu unterhalten und würde am liebsten gar nicht antworten.

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