12 of 12 September

WordPress is working fine so I can publish my first post from China! Luckily, the 12th is today because tomorrow we are going to spend the whole day in the car (12 hours!!) to drive south. So this is the last day in my boyfriend’s hometown.

1 of 12: I can’t sleep without these! Everybody wakes up earlier than me and are so noisy. I need my sleep!

2 of 12: For a quick breakfast I’m having this bun. I don’t know how to describe this but it’s a plain bun usually served instead of rice.

3 of 12: Then we visit grandma’s grave with grandpa. Graveyards are also different in Germany.

4 of 12: As a snack I’m having this cake. It looks like a cheesecake but it’s an eggcake. Still really good!

5 of 12: Cars park on sidewalks and people walk on the streets. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

6 of 12: Is this Phantom of the Opera on TV? I’ve never seen the musical…

7 of 12: What’s up with the odd amount of water? Why not 600ml?? My boyfriend said that they first design the bottle and then see how much water can go in…

8 of 12: Relaxing in the hotel for a bit…

9 of 12: Taking the cab to the restaurant. Cabs are so cheap! About 1€ for 4km! (Enough for us to drive to the city centre.)

10 of 12: Dinner with my boyfriend’s school friends!

11 of 12: I love the open kitchen concept!

12 of 12: Happy New Year! Not! Today is apparently the birthday of the god of treasure or something (don’t quote me on that) and peoply light fireworks on every street. They are rather bombs with some color. So intense!

That’s it for today! See you soon!

Find out more about 12 of 12 from Draußen nur Kännchen.


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