July Recap 2017

scenery horizon

July is over now which means that my three months long intership is over and I can go back home to my boyfriend! Finally!

1) What made you happy?

My boyfriend visited me, my family supported me and knowing that I know people who will miss me when I go back home in August.

2) What frustrated you?

My fear of making decisions

3) What were you grateful for?

Acknowledging my fear and allwoing myself to not be perfect. Everybody struggles with different things and there will always be something I’ll struggle with. But I’m grateful to accept myself as a human being with flaws and not be hard on myself.

4) What made you proud of yourself?

Being able to face my fear and practise to make decisions. Have a problem, analyse the problem (through my blog) and work on the problem. That’s how life goes.

5) What do you want to improve?

I don’t just want to be kind to other people, but mostly I should learn to be kind to myself!

6) Was there an exceptionally funny moment?

Mh not really…

7) Did you fulfil the goals from June?

1. Finish my internship successfully.


2. Practise more Chinese.

Yes! (Through the one and only app!)

3. Stop procrastinating important things.

This month I had to make some appointments and apply for visa. I definitely tried to deal with important things more immediately. I just need to break the habit. Therefore, I need more practise.

8) What was your favorite blog post last month?

Panic? was important to me.

9) What are your 3 goals for next month?

1. Excitement over fear. At the end of August I will go to China and I hope that I’m rather excited than afraid!

2. There is no need to panic. Every problem can be solved. Everything will be fine.

3. Pre-write my articles for September. I will be gone in September and because WordPress is not available in China, I want to prepare my posts and schedule them. I thought about taking a blog break but I will see how many articles I can pre-write…

See you soon!

P.S.: I’ve done this monthly recaps since 1 year now! It’s funny to look back to my July Recap 2016!


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