This month I particularly learned my lesson of how to deal with the inevitable. It’s difficult to accept that I can’t control everything. It’s my life but there are things decided on my behalf or consequences of decisions I have to deal with.

I’m the type person who could beat myself up forever after doing something wrong and I know where I got that from… My boyfriend is the opposite of me and a great idol for me. He often preached to me about just letting go of my negative feelings. I can’t change the situation anymore so I have no other choice than to accept it. Well, that’s sounds good but doesn’t work for me – yet.

This is something I really have to work on and this problem is part of the journey to become more composed. Here are some logical thoughts to convince my brain to accept defeat (maybe they are helpful for you too):

1. You literally can’t change it anymore. No matter how much you want to, there is no way to change it. Every negative feeling is a waste of your precious time!

2. Why do you make your life so complicated? Instead of beating yourself up for a wrong decision, you should forgive yourself and move on. There will be another chance in life to prove that you learned from this situation.

3. Everything will be alright in the end. When it’s not alright, you are not at the end yet.

Do you have any additional tips?


5 thoughts on “Unchangeable

  1. Hallo Julia,
    ich finde auch, dass man manche Sachen einfach so hinnehmen sollte! Meine Mutter sagt immer, dass man im Alter auch ein wenig gelassener wird. Wenn man erstmal Kinder bekommt, dann bleiben andere Sachen liegen und irgendwann stören einen die Kleinigkeiten nicht mehr 😀
    Wir werden sehen, ob das stimmt! 😀
    Liebst Linni

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