Randomness in Madrid

This is the last stop of my randomness series in Spain!

But first, how I planned 2,5 days in Madrid:


For the second half of the first day, we explored the west of the city around the palace (blue area). Our hotel (where my copyright is) was in the middle of the big road (red line) so we could walk everywhere by foot! The second day we went to the east of the city (green area) and then we wanted to go to the museum Cerralbo in the west but it was already closed (at 3 p.m.)! So that’s where we went on the first part of the third day before leaving for the airport.


1. I was surprised how small the capital is! Well, we were just in the city centre, but still, the centre is so small. If you want to cross the city on the main road (red line in the picture above), it would take you less than an hour!

2. “The bear and the strawberry tree” statue is the official symbol of the city. It’s soo cute!


3. We love Taco Bell!! Why is there no Taco Bell in Germany??

taco bell

4. I love the the combination of the white building with the blossomed tree! (And the dumpster…)


5. Churros are so tasty!!!


6. This building at the Plaza de Espana is special. It wasn’t used for 10 years so a Chinese multi-billionaire bought it and wanted to take it down to build a new luxuary shopping mall and hotel. But the front of the building is heritage-protected so he is supposed to take down the inside of the building without destroying the front. I think it’s still empty…


7. I forgot how they are called but these potato pancakes are so good! 

potato8. In the park in the east of the city are so many turtles!


9. They take their ham seriously…


10. I’m not an art expert but this installation was weird. This beautiful greenhouse was totally empty and you could hear chirping of birds from tape. Ok…. But the house was pretty!


11. The bicycle stand was quite fancy. I worked at an engineering company for bicycle infrastructure for a while, so I tend to notice these things.


That’s it for my Spain vacation posts! Check out Barcelona and Valencia if you haven’t seen it yet!



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