Tuesday-Treasure #48

This week I want to share one of my favorite apps with you! And the best part is – it’s free!

The app is called “Chinese Skill” and it obviously teaches you Chinese. There is the main board with different lectures and you have to do the first couple lectures chronologically. Then you have to pass a test and afterwards you can just learn the lectures of your choice. The lectures are divided into different topics (food, colors, time, weather, ordering, transportation…) and within the topics are 2 to 4 tasks. One tasks takes me 5 minutes or so… You can download the material to use it offline.


The Pros

1. Repetition

What I like about the lectures is that it repeats itself so you naturally repeat vocabulary you learned 10 topics ago. You can actually turn off the pinyin and force yourself to only read characters but my problem is that I don’t hear the proper pronunciation so I need pinyin to photographically memorize the pronunciation. But that’s just my way of learning. I focus more on speaking than on writing anyways…

I find it difficult to understand the word order and there are always word order practises in every lecture. Those are usually the tasks I fail… But you can always repeat the lectures.

Even my Chinese boyfriend is impressed of my vocabulary knowledge!

2. Hearing practise

The best part of the app is that it talks to you. Every sentence and word is read to you and the cue cards are also read out instead of just you reading the words yourself. This way you always practise your hearing!

3. Collect points in games

There are also games, revisions and cue cards to further practise what you learned in the main learning section. You don’t need the points for anything, it’s just fun. All the material is available from the beginning.

4. It’s free

The app sometimes asks you to connect to facebook but I just click it away and it leaves me alone. No connection needed.

5. Further topics

There are further topics collected in a set for food, health etc. which you can quickly reread without doing the actual lecture. I think I often use this feature to quickly look up a phrase.

6. It’s cute!


The Cons

1. Beginner?

I guess you can use this app without any previous knowledge because you start with basic vocabulary and simple sentences but I think that the basic grammar and characters are not explicitly explained so it can be difficult to understand what you are actually learning in the beginning.

2. HSK

You have to pay for HSK lectures. I didn’t buy it because I’m not taking the tests anyway so I can’t tell you if it is worth it.


Let me know if you tried this app out!

P.S.: I use it on my android phone so I have no idea if it’s available on IPhone.

P.P.S: This is not sponsored or anything! I just honestly like this app and use it almost every day!


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