12 of 12 | July

It’s this time of the month again where I present 12 pictures I took throughout the 12th of July. This is the last 12 of 12 I participate in while working in my internship. Next month I will finally go back home!

1 of 12: Getting ready for the day! For a while I was looking for a good every day sunscreen. This SPF works great under make-up and it’s also good for dry skin!


2 of 12: Breakfast. No time to make it look pretty…


3 of 12: Usually I use public transportation to get to work but today my brother headed to the same city so he gave me a ride.


4 of 12: It has been about 3 hours since my first breakfast and I need to eat something to make it until lunch. These are overnight oats. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was so obsessed with these oats until I tried them out! I use natural yoghurt, a teaspoon of jam (I hate natural yoghurt on its own), 2 tablespoons of oats and nuts mix, 1 tablespoon of quinoa flakes and 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. In the morning I add a banana. I like that I can save much time in the morning.


5 of 12: Ugh, I have to do a map of rivers in my state. That’s technically an easy task but the data is so inconsistent! Everyone is on vacation so there is no one I can ask about the database. Now I need a coffee to help me figure this out! There’s a storm outside so I bright my day up with this flower mug!


6 of 12: Lunch is couscous with vegetables.


7 of 12: Instead of buying water bottles which are trashed after one use (Einwegflasche), I started to use bottles with are used multiple times (Mehrwegflasche). It would be the best to use glass bottles but I honestly don’t want to carry it through town…


8 of 12: Finished work! Going home by train and reading my Clifton Chronicles as usual…


9 of 12: The weather is so bad all day long!


10 of 12: Dinner!


11 of 12: And a dessert!


12 of 12: Lastly I do my daily chore and clean the kitchen. Afterwards, I finally have time to write this post. (I wish my last picture of the day was prettier :P)


See you next month! 

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