The Worst Male Character Trait


This one particular character trait runs strong in my surroundings. And I hate it.

Short temper.

“Don’t do this or else he will be upset!”

“Quickly clean this before he sees it!”

“Hurry up or else he will be mad!”

You either rush and please the short tempered person to preserve peace or you yell back. I’m the second type of person.

I probably shouldn’t make the situation worse but I can’t stay quiet and let this misbehaviour go on without a consequence. Maybe if the person would have been disciplined from the beginning, this character trait wouldn’t have developed so strong. If you accept your status as a “punching bag” from a short tempered person, the situation is partly also your fault.

My previous boyfriend was short tempered with other people and never because of something I did. We could never have a normal conversation because he gets angry at every little thing. Everything would give him a reason to rant and ruin everything. Just one little negative thing would upset him. He wouldn’t accept my positive remarks. He would talk one hour with himself just with my “aha” in between. When I would go home after a visit, I was sad and felt down because he made the world and every person look bad. So I broke up with him and I am proud of that. I’m not so proud that I did it over phone but honestly, you never know how a short tempered person reacts.

Maybe he never learnt how to deal with his emotions and frustration. The only solution short tempered people know is to explode. But that doesn’t mean that he can load his frustration onto us.

I’m so happy that I have my current boyfriend because he is the total opposite of every male I knew before. He is calm, patient, balanced and positive. It’s like my defending system is on holidays when I’m with him. I have never met such a relaxed person. In the beginning of our relationship I was cautious and waited for him to reveal his true self. But there was nothing to reveal. I can relax and don’t have to tense up because I don’t have to wait for the next explosion. There is no explosion.

Have you ever encountered a short tempered person? How do you deal with them?


P.S.: This post was three times longer and more personal but in the end I couldn’t publish it. It didn’t feel right to go more in depth and share it on the internet. I hope the article made some sense after all and maybe some of you understand my situation. This would have been a better article if I wrote down more examples (like in my original article) but I wasn’t comfortable uploading it. I hope you understand.

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