12 of 12 | June

It’s 21:00 and I finally have time to write the new 12 of 12! Let’s do this!

1 of 12: Last month I showed you my everyday make-up and today I show you my make-up necessity. A LED-Mirror which my boyfriend brought me from China!


2 of 12: In my May Recap I said that I wanted to try more hairstyles. So I quickly grab some bobby pins and put my bangs up.


3 of 12: Today is good weather so I can take my bike to the train station.


4 of 12: In the morning I like to listen to the radio. The radio hosts are always so happy and bubbly. They put me in a good mood!


5 of 12: My stomach was already growling when I arrived at work. I had no breaktfast at home so I quickly ate my homemade sandwich.


6 of 12: My coffee for the day. I was sooo tired this morning (it was monday after all…). Please ignore my awkward hand.


7 of 12: For lunch I have homemade pizza. When I make pizza, I freeze the leftovers to have a ready meal. We have no cafeteria at work so we always have to bring our own lunch.


8 of 12: After work I wait at the bus stop (the bus is too late as always). At least I can enjoy the good weather. Sadly I’m in the middle of the city so I stand on the pavement and not on a meadow.


9 of 12: Reading on the train home. I don’t know if I will review this book. I’m not convinced yet (although I already read 13 long chapters)…


10 of 12: Time to get comfy at home! This is my hairstyle 90% of the time at home… (Am I the only one? Girls? Boys with long hair? Hello?)


11 of 12: After I prepared my lunch for tomorrow, I fry some leftover noodles with egg and sausage. I eat some pickled tomatoes with it. Doesn’t sound so yummy but it really is!


12 of 12: It’s 20:00 and I have to read my boyfriend’s research paper. Yay it’s so much fun to read an 14 pages economics paper in English at the end of a long day – NOT. Afterwards I write this article and watch “Goodbye Deutschland” (a german TV show where they follow people who migrate to other countries). Today a German guy migrates to China with his Chinese wife so I definitely have to watch it!


I’m finally done for the day!!!

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Find out more about 12 of 12 from Draußen nur Kännchen.


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