Last week was quite chaotic. I was about to write a What did I get myself into again Part II but then other things got in the way…

It all started when I browsed the web and somehow ended up looking for jobs. I found a job (an actual job, not a part-time student job). It’s exactly what I want to do when I finish uni! Basically my dream job (at least from the description). I also fulfill all of the requirements and experience except for my degree. I still need to finish this internship and write my master thesis. Although the job required a master there are often possibilities to work part-time and finish your degree on the side.

At first I panicked. Of course my first reaction is to worry! I already roughly planned the rest of the year and I hate it when my plans change. I thought I would start to look for jobs at the end of the year.. Therefore, I wouldn’t be so stressed when I write the thesis. The job is great but a couple months too early!

If I would get the job it would mean that I have to work and write the thesis, move to the other side of Germany far away from my boyfriend but close to my family (I never lived alone). As I know me, this load of new situations and this double burden of new work and new topic for the thesis would kill me.

Everyone encouraged me to apply for the job. It’s also a chance to see if I’m qualified enough for my dream job. Anyways, I first asked the company if I could apply for the job even if I don’t have the master’s degree yet.

A day later they said that it’s a requirement to have a master’s degree because you are not considered a scientist with a bachelor’s degree. (Der naturwissenschaftliche Bachelor of Science ist wohl kein “wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium” und nur als Master ist man ein Wissenschaftler. Was machen wir im Bachelor? Däumchen drehen? Die Noten geschenkt bekommen?).

Although I didn’t want to apply for the job at first, I was quite disappointed when I couldn’t apply for it in the end. You always want what you can’t get, right? I didn’t realize how I already looked forward to the “new life” if I would get the job. Instead of being close to break down like in my previous work related post (I linked it above), I was actually positively excited for it this time.

Well, I don’t study something very common so there are not endless chances for me but I’m sure that I will find a job at some point. Stay positive!


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