May Recap | 2017


Goodbye May! But first recap May before it’s really over!

1) What made you happy?

Spending time with my boyfriend after being away from each other for 3 weeks.

2) What frustrated you?

I already wrote a separate article about it which I’m going to publish it soon.

3) What were you grateful for?


4) What made you proud of yourself?

I worried so much for months about this internship but in the end when I went to work, I was not anxious. I was not afraid or worried but composed and calm. I was excited for the things I would be learn and so far I just got positive feedback.

5) What do you want to improve?

Be more composed.

6) Was there an exceptionally funny moment?

The bus ride of hell. Wasn’t funny when I was in the moment but now I can laugh about it.

7) Did you fulfil the goals from April?

1. Get used to working life in my internship.


2. Spend much time with my family and friends!


3. Go swimming!

No but I ride my bicycle every day and walk a lot.

8) What was your favorite blog post last month?

It was fun to do the 12 of 12 | May at work.

9) What are your 3 goals for next month?

1. Eat more fruits and veggies! Ugh I eat too much chocolate at work…

2. Focus more on myself. Other people affect me more than they should…

3. Do more hairstyles. I have long straight hair and I do nothing with it. I either have a ponytail or let it loose. I contemplate about cutting my hair into a short bob because that is an actual hairstyle. My hair is so boring at the moment and a bob always looks great (I had many bobs before). So this is my last chance to do something with long hair before cutting it!

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “May Recap | 2017

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