Bus Ride from Hell

Do you want a good laugh? Well, I didn’t laugh much at that time but maybe my story will amuse you…

This week was a holiday in Germany on Thursday, so you can have Thursday and Friday off work. I wanted to go home to my boyfriend from Wednesday evening to Sunday. But since it’s a holiday, train tickets are very expensive and cheap ones are at weird times. So I booked a bus ticket which would take about 5 hours (train takes about 3,5 hours if I catch every connection). The benefit of a bus is that there is wifi so a 5 hour ride is bearable and not too boring. Well, in theory…

On Wednesday I left work at 14:30 and directly went on the journey home (first train and then bus). Spoiler alert: I arrived at 1:30 in the night!

To begin with, the bus was 1 hour late and I was already 1 hour too early at the bus stop because of the stupid train connection. So I waited 2 hours at the bus station in a not so great/save area. When the bus arrived, I didn’t even notice it was my bus because it was from another company and the destination of the bus was written with a ballpen on an A4 sheet of paper and stucked to the front window. Luckily, I checked the destination more closely so I catched the bus. Unfortunately, it was a replacement bus or something. There was no wifi, no power outlets (I just had 30% battery left so I couldn’t listen to music) and the room for legs was smaller.

Yes, I know it sounds like I’m addicted to my phone but what else is there to do on a long ride? No music, no youtube, no chatting and I was too tired to read.

At this point the bus was 1 hour too late and it was 18:00.

Because of the holiday (and the far too many roadworks) there was so much traffic and therefore also traffic jams. Additionally, the bus took so many unnecessary turns and stopped in so many cities. That means that the bus always left the highway and navigated through some little villages to the next big city. It takes more than 30 minutes to get back on the highway.

When we were midway through the ride we had another stop but shortly before the station the bus stopped and all of a sudden three custom officers entered the bus. They checked the tickets and IDs of everybody. That never happened to me before on a ride within Germany. The bus crossed the border at some point but far away from where we were at that point. On person forgot his ID or something so he had to leave the bus and we had to wait for him until he was checked. In the end he could continue his trip.

At this point we were 1,5 hours too late and it was 21:45.

After the officers left, we arrived at the stop and who do I see? About 10 guys from a bachelor party. I hate bachelor parties. If I see their behaviour I can’t imagine marrying anyone of them. Because the bus was quite full, the “men” spread over the whole bus. Naturally they felt alone and screamed all over the bus to their drinking companions. Yes, they had alcohol prepared. In Germany its tradition that the bride or groom sells some usuless sh*t to other people at their bachelor party, so the groom annoyed everybody in the bus trying to sell something.

I may sound like a party killer but I was just sooo tired. Since I was at work before I had to wake up at 6 am and the day just didn’t seem to end.

These “men” behaved like it was their first field trip ever and they were drinking and singing (I hate drunk singing of men) and nobody could sleep. At one point I went to the toilet and one guy said: “Have fun pooing!” WTF you can say that to your drinking companion but not to a lady. I felt like we were on the way to Ballerman. Luckily the bus just sold water (worth a complaint for the guys).

Fast forward a bit and we were 2 hours late. It was already after midnight and I couldn’t catch the last tram at my destination anymore.

Shortly before I arrived, my phone slid from my lap into a little whole beneath my seat and I thought it dropped into the trunk. I almost cried because I was so exhausted and now I had to solve another stupid problem. When we arrived at the station I told the bus driver about it and he said that underneath my seat is no trunk. Well I told him that I heard it drop somewhere. It must be somewhere in the bus. I was so exhausted and I could feel the looks of everybody in the bus. We were 2 hours late and everybody was annoyed. Now they had to wait for me. Surprisingly the party boys helped looking. My boyfriend picked me up from the station and I explained him that I lost my phone. He called me (I just had 1% battery left because you couldn’t charge your phone!) and eventually found it in the trunk. Just as I said in the beginning! I thanked everyone and my boyfriend and I managed to catch the last bus but because it was past midnight, we had to pay extra for the ticket (nights are not included in our uni ticket, totally unnecessary for students…).

I was so tired and pissed. In the city we had to change the bus at one point and at the bus station we meet friends of my boyfriend. I have never met this people and usually I want to make a good impression but at this point I didn’t give a f*uck. They probably think I’m a b*tch but hopefully we meet again and then they will see that I’m actually pretty nice.

Ok that’s it. Did anybody read the whole article?? Well I just needed to rant a bit and it definitely felt good to document that day.

P.S.: No I’m not taking the bus back to work on Sunday!

P.P.S: This is meant to be sarcastic. There are obviously worse bus rides which are involved in accidents etc. but the title just fit my experience.


28 thoughts on “Bus Ride from Hell

  1. Crazy!!! It seems like something changed in Germany, I never had a replacement bus before and I am not looking forward to it.
    I hope that the bus ride was cheap at least. I’d complain, because they didn’t provide the service they usually do (wifi, comfortable seats, movies etc.).

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  2. Dear Julia,
    You won’t believe it, but I had a very similar experience this weekend. For me it was the bus back home on Sunday which nearly made me loose my nerves. Had to spend 10 hours on the bus, added by 2 hours from and to the bus-station. Thanks god my bus, other than yours, had wifi and an air conditioner.. But totally sympathize with you!

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    • So horrible! I was 7 hours on the bus but it felt like 10! This weekend I planned to travel again but now I just want to relax and don’t bother with transportation…


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