Randomness in Valencia

The second stop on my Spain trip was Valencia! And like my Randomness in Barcelona article is this post not meant to be a travel guide.

But first: How I planned my 2,5 days in Valencia

Well, this plan is not as fancy as in Barcelona. We picked up one of those free tourists maps and walked around in the city centre. That’s it! The city is quite small so 1,5 days would even be enough if you don’t want to go in every museum! We actually have a friend in Valencia and he brought us to El Palmar to eat paella (30 minutes bus drive). Other than that the city is not as crowded as Barcelona so it was nice to catch some air after being suffocated in Barcelona!

Let’s start with the randomness:

1. What’s up with the orange/clementine trees?? They are everywhere! I’m sure that the fruits survive on the trees because they are so damn sour! Not that we picked and tried them…


2. The trains are so spacious! We had regular 2. class tickets from Barcelona to Valencia which included free reserved seats (look how spacious it is! Look at it!) and some cheap headphones for the movie which was playing on a screen. It was in Spanish but it’s still great service…

3. What material do Spanish people build their walls with? Paper?? I know more about my neighbors than I want to…

4. It’s still too cold to swim… But you have to see it positive! The beach is not crowded! (Just some crazy kids playing in the waves.)


5. Somewhen the river in Valencia flooded the city. What did the citizens do as a revenge? They redirected the river, dried the channel and build a huuuge park around the city.


6. The old city centre has a lot of graffiti…


7. In walking distance to the city centre is this futuristic museum and cinema. The pool looks soooo beautiful but you are not allowed to even bath your feet on a hot day!

8. I’m not a fan of this… (Valencia is known for paella!)


9. Shipmaster: “This is the biggest sea in Europe!” Everyone else: “Ehhhh…. No.”


10. They take their ham seriously…


Have you been in Spain before? What did you find random?





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