Quick Check: Florence Grace

Heads up: I love this book! When I first read the summary of the book I thought that it was such a cliché story but in the end I really enjoyed the story!

[I read this book in German but since there is an English version available, I will write my review in English.]

florence.JPGAuthor: Tracy Rees

Publisher: List Hardcover

Published: April 2017

Cost: 0,99€ (English kindle version), 12,99€ (German kindle version) – such a big difference…

Number of pages: 464

Summary: Florence is an orphan living on the countryside. Oh wonder, she finds out that she is actually a heir of a wealthy family. She moves to the family and has a difficult time adjusting to the new lifestyle. It gets even worse when she starts to develop feelings for her cousin…

Quick Negatives:

The story starts when the main character is 13. At first I was disappointed. I wasn’t really thrilled reading about the life of a young girl. So the beginning of the book was a bit boring and was dragging for a while.

Sometimes this “We are the Grace family blabla so great and so important blabla” was a bit annoying because you don’t find out why this family is actually important. It gets repeated so often but not explained. I guess we all know that the family honour is based on hot air…

Quick Positives:

But afterwards it got better! The story is captivating and I didn’t want to stop reading. I like that the book is written like a biography where Florence is telling the story of her life. So sometimes she explains why she skips some parts of her life etc.

I thought the love story with the cousin would be dull and the typical “We can’t be together but we are soulmates!” But it was quite intense and the events were surprising.

I don’t want to spoil it for you but I just say that I love that this is not the typical poor-girl-becomes-princess story. Florence has a tough time in her life which is far more realistic than the Cinderella story (as far as I can tell).

Quick Rate:

Because of the slow beginning I rate this book with a 4/5!


Thanks to NetGalley and Ullstein Buchverlage for the free copy of the book.
Opinions are my own!


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