12 of 12 | May

This 12 of 12 is different than the few I did before because today is an actual workday. Let’s see what happened today!

1 of 12: A part of my morning routine is make-up. My daily make-up routine is very simple. Some concealer, powder, eyebrow pencil and mascara. I usually have some chapstick in my jacket pocket and use it on the go.


2 of 12: It’s too early for me to eat breakfast so I prepare a sandwich for later.


3 of 12: Then I eventually get out of the house and head to the train station. Of course the train is not on time and I have enough time to take a picture. (Yes, I definitely wear the wrong shoes for the weather…)


4 of 12: Then I transfer to the city bus with my umbrella and backpack by my side. I have to wait approximately 15 minutes. All in all, it takes me about 1,5 hours in one direction (depending on the traffic) to get to work.


5 of 12: Time for my first (and last) coffee of the day. Well, you can see what’s left of it…


6 of 12: And finally I have some breakfast which also leads to…


7 of 12: … lunch! I swear I worked in between!


8 of 12: After some more work I took the same route home. I always read on the train (not in the bus) and I’m soon finishing the next Clifton Chronicles book (I lost track of which part it is…).


9 of 12: Time to take my make-up off. I rather use coconut oil than any other makeup remover! It definitely helped my dry skin.


10 of 12: After dinner I do the dishes. My favorite chore!


11 of 12: The weather still hasn’t got better…


12 of 12: Now I drink my tea and watch Gilmore Girls while I write this article. Later I will watch Dancing with the Starts (Let’s Dance) and go to bed. Do you want to bet with me if I stay awake until the end of the show?


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