Randomness in Barcelona

One stop on my vacation was Barcelona where I stayed for 2,5 days. Instead of writing one of a million travel guides for Barcelona, I rather share some random moments with you!

You can check out this article for 5 travel tips and how we planned our stay!

1. H&M looks fancy.


2. It’s too cold to swim in April (probably also in May).


3. But it’s already quite warm so appreciate the wind in the streets!

4. Why is the bell pepper so huge??!!


5. There is a vast amount of mopeds…


6. …and tourists on bicycles. I saw several crashes because there are too many cyclists between pedestrians in small roads.


7. The tickets for tourist attractions are so expensive! 7€ to get into a cathedral?? 15€ for Sagrada Familia?? And then you have to wait in line anyways and be cramped in the attraction with a bunch of other people…

8. Too many tourists in every picture! Or I suck at taking pictures…


9. Do Spanish people love pineapple?? There are so many pineapple juices but less orange or apple juices.


10. Spanish people don’t care if you are able to speak their language or not (we can’t). They realize that we can’t understand them but they don’t care! They continue to babble in Spanish so fast! But they are still really nice and helpful!


3 thoughts on “Randomness in Barcelona

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