[UPDATE] Do I Have to Excuse Myself?!

Recently, I was in a vast E-Mail conversation with someone because of boring money/tax stuff. This person was a bit incompetent and not really helpful but it was me who needed help from the person. After all, it is the job of the person to give this service of helping out.

When our conversation was done, my mother suggested me to excuse myself for taking so much time from the woman. Excuse me? My first thought was: “A man would probably not excuse himself for taking somebodys time but a woman is not allowed to be a burden?”

Yes, I can THANK the person for taking the time to help me but I wouldn’t EXCUSE myself for it. Am I just overreacting and reading too much into the words?

P.S.: I always wanted to try out the polls! Does it work?


75% of you voted for “Thanking the person for their help”, 25% chose “Nothing at all” and nobody said that I should have excused myself. I guess I was right after all!


5 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Do I Have to Excuse Myself?!

  1. Hey (erst mal sorry, dass ich immer auf Deutsch kommentiere :D), ich kann das echt gut nachvollziehen! Mir kommt es auch so vor, je netter und verständnisvoller man ist, umso barscher werden die anderen! Sie glauben oft, einen dann ausnutzen zu können und dass man alles für sie macht. Ich fand diesen Artikel zu dem Thema etwas hilfreich: http://www.zeitzuleben.de/wie-man-dich-endlich-ernst-nimmt/
    Viele Grüße,
    Siri von https://quergetippt.wordpress.com/

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  2. I don’t beg for pardon anymore if I am in (forced) contact with obviously stupid or incompetent people.

    In situations like that, I only think to myself “excuse me that YOU are so stupid!”

    Sometimes I think that loudly. What fun! 🙂

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