Quick Check: The Woman on the Orient Express

Can you belive it? I review a different book than the Clifton Chronicles! Today I want to review a historical novel (sorry, I love this genre the most). I read this book in German but since there is an English version available, I will write my review in English.

orient2.JPGAuthor: Lindsay Jayne Ashford

Publisher: AmazonCrossing

Published: March 2017

Cost: 3,49€ (English kindle version), 4,99€ (German kindle version)

Number of pages: 384

Summary: After the divorce from her husband, Agatha Christie leaves England. She wants to be far away from her ex when he marries again. Therefore, she travels with the Orient Express to Bagdad. On the train she meets two other women who also had a difficult past in England.

Quick Negatives:

At first, this book felt like High School because 80% of the book was gossiping. At some point it was really frustrating. Agatha thinks that there is something going on with the woman, but she doesn’t want to ask, the woman just leaves hints but doesn’t want to tell the whole story. Finding out the whole background of the three women was the only interesting part of the book and it dragged for far too long.

I liked the part in the train but it could be longer for my taste. They exit the train at about 40% of the book which is definitely not enough time for a book that has the Orient Express in its title. I thought it would be the main part of the book.

I don’t spoiler but I just want to say that I didn’t understand the ending. It was too vague for me. Did somebody of you read the book and understood the ending?

Quick Positives:

I liked the descriptions of life at that time. The train ride and the visit of other cities on the way in Europe, as well as their life in Bagdad felt real and was beautifully depicted. The characters were all “in character” (You know, sometimes you read bad historical novels and it feels like the people from today were just beamed into another era but act completely out of time. That is not the case in this book.)

I don’t know much about Agatha Christie’s biography and I honestly don’t really care. The book would have the same effect on me no matter what the name of the protagonist was. It’s nice that the author clarifies in the epilog what was really inspired by Agatha’s life and what was fiction.

As I said before, the main part of the book is the gossiping and finding out the stories of the women. But the ending of the book is really interesting (the last 10%). Sadly, the plot was a bit disappointing until this point but interesting enough to finish the book.

Quick Rate:

This is a authentic historical novel with a bit of a lacking plot. That’s why I rate it with a 3 of 5!


Thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing Deutschland for the free copy of the book. Opinions are my own (as you can clearly see…)!


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