Tuesday-Treasure #35


An inspirational thought experiment:

“You have 86.400€ in your account and someone stole 10€ from you, would you be upset and throw all of the 86.400€ away in hopes of going back at the person who took your 10€? Or move on and live? You would move on, right? The same way we have 86.400 seconds each day. Don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the remaining 86.390 seconds of your day. Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is bigger than that.”

I struggle so much with overcoming my bad mood and not being upset over little things all day. I don’t want to ruin my day. I wish I could be more easy-going and not take negative occurrences to the heart.

But I am working on it and every day is a new chance to practise my patience and composure. Hopefully this quote will inspire you to see the problem in a different light.

Truth is, many things can potentially ruin your day and they probably will but it’s our responsibility to not let it affect us so much.

P.S.: Realistically speaking, I would be mad if somebody stole money from me. Doesn’t matter if it’s 10€ or 1000€, theft is theft…


5 thoughts on “Tuesday-Treasure #35

  1. As a teenager I forgot my first bought makeup (Helena Rubinstein!) in the changing cabin of another shop we went afterwards. I was so devastated, thinking it must be gone. I still went back and asked at the counter and someone really left it there and didn’t take it with her.

    Another time as a teenager, I forgot my freshly bought trouser on the train. That time the trouser was gone.

    Then in my early twenties I wanted to hide (don’t ask me what brilliant idea I had in mind that time) 100 Mark. Where would people never find it? Yes, exactly, I put in one of my clothes pocket. Of course brilliant me forgot the place too. I searched for hours when I remember that I had hidden it, but couldn’t find it.

    When I was studying Sinology, I also forgot a new CD in one of the lockers at university. Gone.

    Sometimes when I just want to buy some brezel the person at the counter is so unfriendly, although I didn’t do anything wrong or mean (I usually have a straight face, maybe I look unfriendly and that triggered her behavior but I still said hello and goodbye first).

    And once a taller person (but it isn’t really difficult to be taller than me to be honest and not much of an achievement, because it’s just genetics) brushed over my head with his hands and the whole group he was accompanied with laughed.

    Another time an old man pushed me from my bicycle I screamed at him but noone – the street was full with standing and driving cars and there were pedestrians just passing by – helped me up, or asked me if I was okay or if I needed help, or yelled at the old man. He was shocked at first. But since nobody cared, he didn’t do anything but slowly walked away.

    Then there was this strange old man on the train who looked at me and said, what an extraordinary quality and smiled; or another old man, who asked me if I wanted to drink a tea with him.

    I seem to never be prepared for these kind of things at least when they happen to me the first time. Some of those events are in my hands to prevent, like forgetting things somewhere. Other things are beyond any imagination meaning you are never prepared for them and they are not in your control. Yes and they make you loose hope in humanity even. But you have to learn to cope with them or go down on those negative thoughts.

    And there are other things, that happen because we are all humans and communication between humans is so complex, hence there is soooo much space for misunderstanding.

    I learned to accept the bad behavior of other people. I don’t have to be that friendly to them. I concentrate my energy and my friendly attitude towards friendly decent people and try to have a more “sch*** drauf” (I don’t give a f***) attitude towards the rest. It takes years of practicing, but it will come over the years. There will be up and downs. But it’s achievable. The last thing I want is that my bad energy triggers someone to do something harmful to themselves or others.

    So hang in there and keep trying Julia. Don’t give up. Maybe it helps to analyze, when or after what incidents you feel unhappy or moody. Then try to work out solutions for the next time the same thing happens or you are in a similar situation. Good luck!

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    • Man you have some crazy stories! Yes being poorly treated by other people (especially when you did nothing wrong to them) is really the worst! I worked in customer service for a while and slowly started to hate people 😅
      But what about the little things in life? You know these days where everything goes wrong and you wished you didn’t leave your bed in the morning…

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  2. Hmmm…if possible I stay at home those days, if not I try to have only a few points on my schedule to make that day as relaxed as possible and throw in as many brakes as possible. I also try to do as many things I enjoy on those days to help me get in a better mood. Then I go to sleep early. These days are cosy days where you need more ‘me time’ I also try new things to get different perspective on things, this way my mind won’t have time to concentrate on the bad mood but has some exciting things to work with 😉 A lot of times we are just bored because of the same rhythm in our lifes. Our brain wants to learn new things all the time. And I am not talking about studying or educating yourself but more like breaking out of habits or patterns our mind is used to and ‘expects’. Surprising onesself once in a while is essential.

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