12 of 12 | April

I’m a day late for the 12 of 12 post because the 12th of April was quite eventful! But find out for yourself…

1 of 12: My day actually starts in Madrid! Sadly, this is the day of our departure… But first, breakfast!


2 of 12: We had some time left before we had to catch our plane so we went to a museum. This museum is pretty cool! It was the house of the Marquis of Cerralbo and it was turned into a museum with his art and historical objects collection! There a objects from 1th century AD! This house must be worth a lot… The dining room was my favorite room:


3 of 12: Then we went on the metro to the airport. The slogan of Madrid is “No matter who you love, Madrid loves you.” The city soon hosts a gay festival and is preparing for it.


4 of 12: And now the drama unfolds: When we sat in the metro to the airport, we saw a sign saying that you have to pay a fee in order to exit the metro at the airport. WTF?? We paid the metro ticket but they still want more money? They take the last chance to get money from tourists but not with us! We got up at the station after the terminal (where you don’t have to pay the fee) and walked to the terminal. Of course we get lost! We asked for the directions at a random parking lot. A Spanish man noticed our problem and offered to drive us to the terminal for free (wasn’t far away, maybe 10 minutes). So nice of him! I was a bit scared to drive with a stranger but when I saw that we drive in the right direction, everything was fine.

We made it in the end:

55 of 12: We still had plenty of time at the gate to relax.


6 of 12: Of course we had to snack a bit. These are some kind of chocolate filled flaky pastry. Honestly, it’s not the best…


7 of 12: We flew with a cheap airline but I was surpised how spacious it was! There were just four seats in a row and you had enough room for your legs (I’m 1,80 m so I really appreciate it). I could fly even longer! Previously, we flew with another cheap airline from Germany to Spain and it was definitely more cramped!


8 of 12: A nice view! I’m happy that I got a window seat.


9 of 12: After about 2 hours it’s time to land.


10 of 12: We went to the grocery store at the airport to buy some water and snacks for the train ride home. In the store I found these bags of onionskin to color eggshells for easter. I didn’t know you could buy these separately! I don’t remember how much they cost…


11 of 12: And now the final drama of the day unfolds: We had a train ride home ahead of us which took several hours and we had to change trains at one point. Of course, our train arrived too late at the airport. But that was not enough. Later, the train was somehow broken and stood in the middle of nowhere for more than an hour. Of course we couldn’t catch the other train. Of course it was the last train for the day. At least Deutsche Bahn gave us some free refreshments (not the water).


12 of 12: As you can see, you see nothing. It’s past midnight and we were recommended by Deutsche Bahn to wait at the train station outside for the next train in a couple hours. AT MIDNIGHT AT A STATION WITHOUT AN ACTUAL STATION-HOUSE TO KEEP US WARM. So we took a taxi to bring us home (with some other passengers who travel to the same city).


I hope your day was less eventful!

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