March Recap | 2017


What is one of the first things I do in spring? Yes, I take pictures of flowers! Naturally, these beautiful blossoms must be the title picture of my March Recap!

1) What made you happy?

Booking our vacation for April! Well, paying is not fun but the anticipation makes me happy!

2) What frustrated you?

I’m working on a programming project and our teacher is supposed to give us a basic part of the code where we add some of our code. Since 1 MONTH his part is not working. He fixes something, sends us the code, we try it out, it doesn’t work, we write him an e-mail, he fixes something… If it wasn’t for this mess, I would already be finished with the project by now!

3) What were you grateful for?

My mother had a screening and everything was fine!

4) What made you proud of yourself?

Dealing with my fear of the new job! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read this article: Not too bad…)

5) What do you want to improve?

For once, nothing!

6) Was there an exceptionally funny moment?

Mh not really…

7) Did you fulfil the goals from February?

1. Finish my last two projects for uni before my internship starts!

Well, I finished one project but like I said above, my other project depends on my teacher…

2. Translate two more Chinese songs!

I just translated one song in my Tuesday-Treasure #31. Honestly, I don’t think translating is working for me right now. It’s too poetic. I need more simple and clear sentences. I think I will start to read easier short stories designed for students.

3. Call my grandma more often!


8) What was your favorite blog post last month?

I’m actually proud of myself to word my fear in the What did I get myself into again… article but I also really liked 5 Cultural Differences between China and Germany.

9) What are your 3 goals for next month?

1. Enjoy the moment and don’t worry (at least not too much) about the internship starting next month! I actually don’t worry about work itself but being away from boyfriend for 3 months. We’ve never been apart for so long…

2. Spring clean my apartment!

3. Finish all of my uni work! I have to anyway…

How was your month?

You can answer those questions too if you want to!

See you soon!


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