Not too bad…


I already told you in my previous article What did I get myself into again… that I worked in a new job from Friday to Sunday. Today I want to update you how I’ve been and if my fear got true.

That weekend I worked as waitress for the first time. And what is the best way to try this job out and learn how to be a good waitress? By working in a cute cafe? A cozy restaurant? Why not a convention serving thousands of people?

Bingo! I worked at a canteen in a convention where we served 15.000 meals in three days!! There were about 100 waiters working but it was still not enough. No one told me what to do. I just went to a table, asked guests what they want and started serving. I did my thing.

Saturday was the worst day! I was constantly running and carrying heavy things from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. without even a chance to go to the bathroom or eat something. I nearly gave up and left my tables but I saw that everyone (professionals and amateurs) were at the point of breaking down. I didn’t want to let my crew down so I stayed and used up my last energy to serve rude people. Saturday was horrible… Thankfully I was assigned to other tables on Sunday and just had about 3 really busy hours.

Other than that, serving people itself was okay. It’s hard labor (especially walking and carrying heavy things through the large convention hall) but doable. I definitely couldn’t do that every day for 12 hours. My poor feet and back…

If they would ask me to serve there again, I probably would do it. I haven’t felt that exhausted and desperate like an that Saturday in a long time but it’s a good kind of exhaustion. When I was at home on my couch after a 12 hour shift (walking 11 hours), I felt like I accomplished something. I got my hands dirty and worked (physically) hard for my money. Of course you are also tired after an 8 hour office job but a different kind of tired. I like to try out different jobs (I’ve already done a few of those phyically straining jobs) to appreciate an office job more. (Does this make sense?)

My conclusion: Working as a waitress is an option but maybe rather in a restaurant or cafe and not for 12 hour shifts!

My second conclusion: My fear was not really justified. It was a physical hard job but I was actually not bad at it. I was friendly to the guests, served fast (although there are long distances between kitchen and guests), didn’t drop anything, didn’t fall or slip. Of course I couldn’t carry 4 or 5 dishes at once like the professionals but I would say that I did well as an amatueur. At least no one was critizing me or complained about me…

Hopefully, I learn more about my fear through this experience and maybe I will get better at coping with new situations and challenges if my fears are usually not justified!

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