Don’t lose your Inner Child


As I get older, I find it more and more difficult to not take things too seriously. There is more pressure and you are responsible not just for you, but also for other people. At some point, decisions seem so set in stone. If I am going to decide for option A, there is no turning back (or you can turn back with a great loss of time and effort).

“The older I get the more I realize no one has any idea what they are doing and everyone is just pretending.”

Fooling around, making fart jokes and playing air guitar are equally important as being on time, paying bills and cleaning the house. In every day life those fun things can be easily forgotten but after all, we shouldn’t take us too seriously. Making a fool of yourself (by intention or unintentionaly by making a mistake) is part of life.

 “My only goal in life right now is to be happy. Genuinely, intensely and consistently happy, regardless of what that looks like to others.”

When I confidently raised my arm to answer a question in class and it turns out to be wrong, I beat myself up (metaphorically). I still remeber some wrong answers from elementary school! That is why I am not much of a vocal person. I can express myself better through writing.

“When a child learns to walk and falls down 50 times, he never thinks to himself: maybe this isn’t for me?”

The point is, I want to stop taking every mistake too serious and be more carefree. Children make sooo many mistakes when growing up! Kids fall down so many times and get up again!

Why did I stop getting up again?




11 thoughts on “Don’t lose your Inner Child

  1. Hey, ich weiß nicht, ob du Will Grayson, Will Grayson gelesen hast, aber gegen Ende sagt einer der Hauptcharaktere etwas, das gut in diesen Post passen würde: You’ve gotta learn to love the falling, because it’s all about falling.

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  3. Freue mich, deinen Blog entdeckt zu haben! 🙂 Dieses Thema beschäftigt mich gerade auch sehr. Ich glaube, dass wir unglaublich viel von Kindern lernen können – sie entdecken und probieren immer wieder neue Dinge aus. Für sie gibt es immer neue Möglichkeiten, für uns oft nicht mehr… Ich mag deinen letzten Gedanken sehr, dass Kinder immer wieder aufstehen. Davon kann man sich echt was abschauen!

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