I think by now everybody knows what minimialism is. You have no idea? Where have you been? Minimalists basically try to live with the least belongings as possible. But is minimalism out? Was it ever really in or just practised by a small group of people? What is next?

I like the idea of not blindly buying things and clutter your apartment full with useless things. Who needs 10 pairs of black leggings after all? I talked more about this in my miserable Black Friday experience.

Recently I came across another term called “intentionalism”. Intentionalists are the less extreme minimalist. Their philosophy is to just buy/own/collect/share things with full intention. You should just buy things you truly care about. You are not supposed to buy things just for the sake of owning it or because it is trendy. It influences you to carefully choose what you consume but still allowing yourself to consume more freely than minimalism.

I call all these -isms the ability to handle money. I am a student with very limited income and I never had a full salary in my life. I never just went on a shopping spree and spend a lot of money (either mine nor my parents’ money). I was never the person to spend my whole paycheck and I had never problems to pay my bills or to have enough money for emergency spendings. I would say that I can handle money and budgeting money very well.

I also don’t have the desire to buy every pretty/cute item I see. When I walk through the home decoration aisle with these little cute knickknacks, all I see is rubbish. I imagine having to dust those things off and that freaks me out. A cluttered home with many little items makes me nervous and uncomfortable.

The picture above makes me nervous because it’s useless. The shelves don’t contain important things but just pretty knickknack. It’s a waste of space that could be used more efficient. Maybe I am not the typical girly girl?

I don’t how this will change if I finish uni, work full-time and earn more money. Will I needthese conceptions like minimalism to keep me from consuming?

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5 thoughts on “Intentionalism?!

  1. The picture itself is cool, just from the picture point of view, but everything inside and on the shelves is like you said junk 🙂 but who says you need to like junky stuff just to be a girly girl. Do press yourself into anything you dont want to be.

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