How to Make a Long Distance Friendship Last!


Long distance relationships are intensively discussed on the internet. Tips and advices can be found everywhere! But what about your friends? Your long term group of friends probably won’t live in the same city forever. How can you save your friendship? Today I present you 5 tips on how to make long distance friendships last!

My three best friends and I are separated by an approximately 5 hours train ride since 1,5 years. (Before, one of the girls was in the USA for a year.) It might not be so far away but it can get quite be pricey to visit each other often. Luckily, my friends live in my hometown, so when I visit my family, I can also visit my friends.

I drive home every 2-3 months and when we meet it feels like we were never separated. We are friends since more than 10 years and I think at this point, you have a basic understanding and love for each other which can’t be destroyed by a lack of physical gatherings.

My 5 tips for making your long distance friendship last:

1. Be interested in their lives!

Don’t forget your friends! Do they have an exam coming up? Did you wish them good luck? Do you remember the fight she had with her boyfriend? Did you ask her how they are doing now?

2. Share your feelings and problems!

You should be able to talk to your friends about your problems even if you can’t hang out personally. It is important to write/videochat with your friends if you have a problem, not just to help yourself, but also to show your friends that their opinions matter and are important for you!

3. You don’t have to text every day in order to not forget each other!

We four girls have a group chat which is really important to us. But we don’t text every day. I think sending meaningful messages (see the previous two points) is more important than spamming each other with funny animal pictures and 9gag memes. Just because we don’t communicate every single day, doesn’t mean we are bad friends and don’t care about each other anymore. Don’t be scared of silence!

4. Don’t be disappointed if your friends don’t have time for you!

When I end up driving home, I usually stay for a couple days and want to meet my friends. It is a pity if not everybody has time to meet up. But sometimes they have other responsibilities, so don’t be upset and angry if a gathering is impossible. Life goes on!

5. It’s ok if your best friends (and you) find other best friends!

After school we all studied different majors so we naturally met a lot of new people and found new friends. Over the years, our friendship never changed. The “new” best friends can’t replace the 10+ years best friends. They are rather additional friends and not a threat to your friendship!

I am not scared that my friendship will end just because of the distance. (I am rather scared that it will change because of marriage and kids etc. But that is another topic…)

What is your experience with long distance friendships? Did they work out or not?

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5 thoughts on “How to Make a Long Distance Friendship Last!

  1. Ich bin ein bisschen ein ‘Loner’ und hatte schon immer Probleme damit Freundschaften zu pflegen selbst die ‘Vor Ort’ Freundschaften. Aber die Freunde, die diesen Titel auch verdient haben wissen das ich nicht mit Absicht vergesse sondern meine Birne einfach immerzu mit viel zu viel Krams gefüllt habe und sie wissen auch dass ich trotzdem jederzeit für sie da bin wenn sie mich brauchen.

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  2. Am wichtigsten ist doch, dass es so ist als hätte man sich erst vor 5min gesehen und nicht vor 3 Monaten. Wenn es so ist, dann ist es eine richtige Freundschaft, egal ob man jeden Tag oder nur alle paar Wochen voneinander hört.

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  3. Ich kenne das nur zu gut, auch wenn meine “alte” Heimat nicht so weit weg ist. Aber ich habe auch das große Glück, in der “neuen” Heimat tolle Menschen kennen gelernt zu haben, die ich inzwischen auch zu meinen besten Freundinnen zähle. Ich stelle also gerade fest, dass es tatsächlich Bereiche in meinem Leben gibt, wo es super läuft 😉

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