Tuesday-Treasure #19


Now that Christmas is over, my conclusion is that I like the advent season more than Christmas itself. I could lie and tell you how relaxing and unwinding Christmas was but that is not the truth.

Usually at Christmas (and the days before) I am in the kitchen for most of the time. Even if I watch a movie while cooking and preparing, it doesn’t make the work more enjoyable. Especially this I year we had more guests over at our house and I felt more and more like a maid. Christmas dinner is always at our house and we never eat out on this day which is why Christmas equals kitchen in my mind.

But I really enjoy the advent season with the lights, candles, movies, Christmas market and general mood of the people. I accepted the fact that you can’t have everything in life and I wouldn’t change it. I mean that I don’t want to leave my mom alone in the kitchen and that I should do my best to help her. Isn’t that the real spirit of Christmas?

How was your Christmas? Was it more enjoyable?


7 thoughts on “Tuesday-Treasure #19

    • Dieser Kommentar erscheint mir ein bisschen, wie man in Deutschland sagt, off topic. Ich sehe davon ab, auf einen unpassenden Artikel in meinem Blog zu verweisen. 😉


  1. To spend Christmas time, especially with guests, in a restaurant can lead to much more frustration than to cook and serve at home, where the meal tastes as you expect and where the service quality is under your control. 😉

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