Quick Check: The Jazz Palace

Today I check the German edition (“Die Musik der verlorenen Kinder”) of the original title “The Jazz Palace”.

*****NO SPOILER*****

Quick Facts:


Author: Mary Morris (translated by Gabriele Weber-Jaric)

Publisher: Aufbau Digital

Published: December 2016

Cost: 10,96€ for English kindle edition (9,99€ – German kindle edition)

Number of pages: 400

Summary: 1920’s Chicago – Jazz music takes over the clubs and bars. Against his parents’ will, white boy Benny discovers his passion for the music of black people. At the same time, another family in Chicago suffers under strokes of fate and needs to save their nightclub.

Quick Negatives:

I can’t think of anything… Maybe the ending was too sudden?

Quick Positives:

This book leads us through the Roaring Twenties in Chicago. From the sparkling parties to the economic crisis and the takeover of the city by the mafia, this plot will keep you captivated. I think I finished the book in two days… We follow the pianist Benny dipping into the nightlife and fighting for a music career. The way he is submerged into the music is amazingly described. This is probably how a music genius must feel when he completely loses his mind while playing an instrument. The interactions between white/Jewish people, black people and the mafia are also fascinating because real life events are integrated into the plot. We also receive more information about the life of nightclub owner, other musicians, dancer and regular employee.

Quick Rate:

I am so happy that I can finally rate a book with a 5/5.


Thanks to Netgalley and Aufbau Digital for the free sample! All opinions are my own!


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