Exploitation in Internships?


To begin with, I know that internships are for learning purpose and not to earn money. I understand that some trainees can be a burden to the company and don’t take their work seriously. My last internship during my bachelor’s degree wasn’t even payed at all. I was ok with it because I had no big additional expenses and I was just so happy to be able to work at that place.

Now, I am about to sign a very upsetting contract for my next (and hopefully final) internship. And I am getting paid 100€ per month. I have a bachelor’s degree in this field (a finished education!!!) but this degree doesn’t seem to count in Germany. It appears to me that it is just seen as a step till the actual graduation (master’s degree). I think of how much I had to study and work for my degree but it’s not worth anything. I basically will earn nothing from three months of full-time work because my train ticket is more expensive than my wage offers…

I know that some people have it worse. Some internships are not paid at all and you have many overtime hours.Well, at least I get something!

I will still do the internship because it is a great opportunity but it’s a bummer. I sign this contract with a bad taste in my mouth. Money isn’t the only motivation to work but I just don’t want to be paid like someone who hasn’t studied 4 years for this job…

P.S.: No, I don’t get minimum wage.


To end this post on a happier note, I recently reached the 300 reader/follower mark! Thank you everybody for enjoying my blog! I do my best to publish a blogpost as frequently as possible!


7 thoughts on “Exploitation in Internships?

  1. How annoying! I hope you’ll at least get some good out of the time in terms of job experience and connections.

    I recently thought of you and that you would have fun at my workplace. A co-worker moved into the office. She’s on the phone a lot talking talking talking – in Mandarin. She’s a native speaker and talks at an amazing speed. I don’t understand a single word 😀

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  2. I’ve done a few internships in the past year, and all of them weren’t paid. Unfortunately most internships aren’t paid :/ I can understand that it would be frustrating, especially after finishing a whole bachelor degree! I suppose the way I try look at it, is that even though I am putting my time in this experience and even though I’m not being paid anything, I will learn something from it and make new contacts. All the best with everything 🙂

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  3. Not getting paid is never fun, but hopefully you get paid in a different way — making new connections, obtaining a mentor, or building a good reputation for yourself in the industry :)) good luck! You got this! Oh btw congrats on the milestone :))

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