Versatile Blogger Award!


I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Frederike (lovely signs of life)! Thank you so much! I really enjoy her blog because of all the inspirational posts! Sorry, you nominated me quite a while ago and it took me so long to respond…

I never heard of this award before but it’s supposed to be known in the English-speaking blogging community. Therefore, I will quickly explain the rules: For this award I am going to reveal 7 things about me and then nominate 15 other blogs.

7 facts about me:

  1. I never skied or snowboarded.
  2. I gained approximately 8kg since I moved out of my parents’ house 1 year ago.
  3. I prefer chips over chocolate (which is probably the root of the problem of number 2…).
  4. I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet. (I am so screwed…)
  5. I have no Christmas decoration at my home. (Or any other decoration…)
  6. In school, the second foreign language I learned besides English was Russian.
  7. As a kid I was quite a liar with a wild imagination. I intentionally lied daily to various people. It was fun the think of stories and voice them out in order to bring the story to life. After being caught several times and getting in so much trouble, I stopped lying eventually.

I already posted 10 Facts About Me a couple months ago. Check it out if you want to know 10 more things about me!

Now, I am going to nominate 5 other blogs (not 15…):

Lucy Brazier


Katie Kuo


Home is where the boys are

Of course, the two German blogs can write their response in German! It would be so much fun if you all participate in the award. Everyone who also wants to reveal 7 facts about themself can respond to this post!



8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award!

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  2. You are a great writer who deserves this award but please visit and read the new ultimate theory of human relativity exclusively on My Theory also give me some feedbacks as I am hungry.
    From your latest follower My Theory.

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  3. Congratulations on your award! Also, I found some similarities in your list! I also love chips over chocolate. And I don’t have any Christmas decorations — I am planning on buying decorations after Christmas when it is all on sale lol

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