Sale Mania


Yesterday was Black Friday and (not surprisingly at all) it also took place in Germany. In my city, shops were open until midnight and there were sales up to 70%. So what did I do on my Friday night? I went shopping with my boyfriend!

I am invited to a wedding next month and I already have a dress but I need a pair of shoes and a gold necklace to go with the dress. Those were my goals for the day. And what happened? I was shopping for 4 hours (I hate shopping by the way) and got nothing! NOTHING! The sales everywhere were an awesome opportunity to buy things I NEEDED. At least my boyfriend bought a pair of jeans so our effort wasn’t completely wasted… (He really went there with the goal of buying jeans, so he wasn’t tempted to buy anything else.)


Wandering in the shopping mall filled with way to many people and a marching band jamming the latest hits (as if it wasn’t loud enough already), I felt really stressed. It started on Friday morning when I got all kinds of mails/newsletter to inform me of the sales. I felt like I HAD TO buy something because of the sale. When I didn’t find anything to buy in the evening, I was stressed because I didn’t take the opportunity. I could have bought some clutter just for the sake of easing my conscious but I don’t want this clutter in my life! I don’t buy things just for fun! I just buy whatever I really need.

I guess those sales are meant for Christmas gift shopping but in my family we usually deal with the presents the week before Christmas. Nobody knows what they want for Christmas yet!

In the end, this consumer pressure was really bothering me. The thought of “I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING” because of the sale was ruining the fun of shopping. I don’t want to be pressured to buy anything. Those sales tempt us to buy stuff we don’t need and waste money and resources.

Don’t get wrong! If you got some great deals on things you needed, you had a great shopping night but If you regret half the things you bought, you stepped into the sales trap. In order to not walk into the sales trap again and save some money, here are 5 tips for you:

  1. Ask yourself: Do I need this or do I want this?
  2. Reflect on your shopping bag: Usually there are some sales in the store and the rest of the pieces have regular prices. What did you buy? The sale pieces or the regular priced pieces? Did the store lure you into buying more regular priced pieces?
  3. Don’t get tempted by the atmosphere! Yes, the Christmas decoration is pretty and cozy. Yes, the Christmas songs are all time classics. But that is also set up to make you feel comfortable to stay longer and spend more money. Blend it out!
  4. Set yourself a budget and stick to it! There are always ATMs in the malls to get more cash but you have to stay strong!
  5. Don’t go shopping with a big group of friends (especially if they love shopping). When I see 5 friends buying a lot of things in a store, I subconsciously imitate them and also buy more stuff I don’t need.

There is still Cyber Monday ahead of us, so don’t get tempted guys!

What is your Black Friday experience? If you live anywhere except the USA, are there even Black Friday Sales in your city?

P.S.: One of my English articles about feeling overwhelmed got translated into German by Ulf Runge. Check Der Überforderung ein Ende bereiten out if haven’t already!

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12 thoughts on “Sale Mania

  1. I can undestand you, it is the trick of creating a need – in this case the need of buying some bargain. maybe it reminds us of the times we had to go hunting. If satisfied you feel good, at least as good as you felt before the need was there. 🙂 if it did not work out you feel even worse than befor, because you realize that you wasted time and energy. by the way: i hate shopping, too.

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  2. I didn’t even leave the house! I don’t like shopping anyway and there is nothing that would get me into a shopping mall in December. I even try to avoid city centers, especially if there’s a Weihnachtsmarkt somewhere.

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  3. I didn’t know Black Friday happened in Germany! In Canada some of the sales cross the boarder from the States, but for the most part we don’t have big sales until Boxing Day (the day after Christmas). Good for you to resist the temptation of buying just to buy.

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    • Yeah last year I already realized that we have Black Friday. If companies can lure us into the store and make more money, it was just a matter of time until they adopted Black Friday and Cyber Monday from the States!

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      • True. I guess that’s why it’s been slowly moving up to Canada as well. Honestly I think the month before Christmas is chaotic enough without added Black Friday stress. It makes the season feel that much more commercialized.

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  4. In Deutschland there is of course the black friday, but they have made it for a whole week or longer. I’m thinking many people forget, that the money they’ve earned they are able to pay only one time. The don’t realize, that if they’re buying a thing 20 or more % off, they don’t save money, they pay! It doesn’t matter, that they have saved e.g. 20%, they have bought a thing, and so they can’t buy something other. This could be a piece of bread, dome wine or a visit in theather. Or a super new phone, cause the one they’ve bought last time is now less one year old. Dramatically!

    Kind Regards

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