Quick Check: A Darker Shade of Magic

*****NO SPOILER*****

Today I want to try something new and launch a new segment on my blog! I want to write short reviews of books, therefore the name “Quick Check”. Don’t worry, this is not going to be a book blog because I just read about 1-2 books a month, so there are not going to be tons of reviews. The reason for this segment is that I read a book, remember that I like/don’t like it but I forget what the book was actually about and I don’t even remember why I liked/didn’t like it (wow, sounds like I have a memory problem…). The Quick Checks are a great way for me to remember the books I read and maybe some of you guys can benefit from my reviews! Let’s start!

Quick Facts:


Title: A Darker Shade of Magic (first part of a trilogy)

Author: V.E. Schwab

Publisher: Titan Books

Published: February 2015

Cost: 3,60€ (English version for kindle – Amazon Link)

Number of pages: 401

Summary: Magician travels between three parallel Londons /Universes and needs to save the worlds.

 Quick Negatives:

Well, this was a typical youtube/book blogs made me buy it. This book is soooo hyped! But it completely disappointed me. I wanted to stop reading it after a couple of chapters but since everybody and their mothers loved it, I continued reading and was waiting for the great parts. They never came. I don’t sympathize with any of the characters and the female side character was extremely annoying. She can do everything, doesn’t need help, doesn’t mind dying in return of a little fun, can do everything better as the guys. She is the type of side chick who was not just annoying me but also the main male character (I am guessing they will end up together… that is super realistic, right?). The synopsis of the book seemed so interesting but the story ended up being forced and predictable.

Quick Positives:

The idea of parallel universes connected through magic is really exciting and totally my thing! The description of the lives in the three Londons is also well made (although it is quite simple because there is good London, a bad London and a spooky/mysterious London so you have a typical good vs. bad situation).

Quick Rate:

Maybe the story gets better in the next two parts of the trilogy but I am not going to buy them! For now, I rate this book 1/5.



11 thoughts on “Quick Check: A Darker Shade of Magic

      • hehe…. thankfull for that, that u r warning the rest of us 🙂
        in deed, its annoying to trust the hype in the net or other media and after (or during) the reading u r totally frustrated….
        had this experience with the book “in der mitte der welt”… totally overrated, didnt finish the book…. yesterday I watched the movie in the cinema… it was cool…
        other examples for not finishig the book, which were totatally hyped before:
        Er ist wieder da….
        for sure, I wont watch the movies… hehe….

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      • YES! I loved Harry potter and loved the dark tower series. It will tske a while to get through (bc theres 7 books i think) but it’s such a great story & characters. A lot of people don’t like the first book as much but just try to get through it bc the rest is amazing. Seriously lmk if you do! :)) –Jess ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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