Tuesday-Treasure #15


In this week’s Tuesday-Treasure, I share one of my favorite recipes with you! I posted my last recipe quite some time ago (Tuesday-Treasure #4 – Homemade Salsa)! It is very easy to do, takes just little time to prepare and you can use any leftover vegetables you have. I like to cook a bigger portion so I can eat this for 2-3 meals and don’t need to cook for a couple days. By the way, this dish is vegetarian and vegan.

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Sale Mania


Yesterday was Black Friday and (not surprisingly at all) it also took place in Germany. In my city, shops were open until midnight and there were sales up to 70%. So what did I do on my Friday night? I went shopping with my boyfriend!

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Quick Check: A Darker Shade of Magic

*****NO SPOILER*****

Today I want to try something new and launch a new segment on my blog! I want to write short reviews of books, therefore the name “Quick Check”. Don’t worry, this is not going to be a book blog because I just read about 1-2 books a month, so there are not going to be tons of reviews. The reason for this segment is that I read a book, remember that I like/don’t like it but I forget what the book was actually about and I don’t even remember why I liked/didn’t like it (wow, sounds like I have a memory problem…). The Quick Checks are a great way for me to remember the books I read and maybe some of you guys can benefit from my reviews! Let’s start!

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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed (+ deutsche Übersetzung)


This week for the first time in a while, I was really bored. I had so many projects and exams in uni that I basically had a 24/7 job (well, almost). I was working on multiple projects and none of them were easy. Each project was a challenge. Now, I don’t mind to challenge my abilities but please not 24/7! To cope better with the next hectic uni phase, I have 5 tips to stop feeling overwhelmed because of too much work:

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Eigentlich wollte ich heute zu meinem Geburtstag einen Text schreiben und mein 23. Lebensjahr Revue passieren lassen. Ich wollte mich loben, wie gut ich mit den Änderungen dieses Jahr in meinem Leben klargekommen bin, selbstständiger geworden bin, mir mehr zutraue, selbstsicherer geworden bin und nicht mehr sooooo extrem ängstlich bin. Hört sich doch toll an, oder?

Manchmal kommt das Leben aber anders als man will. Ich erwarte nicht viel für meinen Geburtstag, aber ich möchte wenigstens nicht vor Wut und Traurigkeit alleine weinend in meinem Zimmer sitzen. Vielleicht ist das wieder so eine fiese Lehre der Lebens, dass es immer anders kommt als man hofft.

Naja, eigentlich wollte ich heute keine Uni-Sachen machen, aber jetzt ist es eh wurscht. Vielleicht wendet sich der Tag ja doch noch zum Guten…

Ich wünsche euch trotzdem ein schönes Wochenende!

P.S.: Der Engel sicht aber auch schon ziemlich mitgenommen aus…

Tuesday-Treasure #11


“And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?”

It would take me awhile because impulsively a lot of other people and things would come to my mind. I oftentimes forget to love myself and I am rather my worst critic!

That’s why for this week’s Tuesday-Treasure I want to remind myself and you guys to love yourself! Don’t always put other people first! You are worth of being the No.1!