Wide Awake


Did this ever happen to you? You sleep peacefully and all of a sudden you wake up in the middle of the night and everything feels wrong? You start to doubt every decision from the day. You regret everything. You are going to fail. You will disappoint people. Nothing will work out as planned. Panic. Worry. Your heartbeat is going faster. Stress. Your inner peace is in danger. Your sweet sleep is forgotten. You are paralyzed with fear.

What to do?

I once heard that you see everything in a negative way in the night and therefore should never make decisions at night. Your mind seems too sensitive at night. Don’t listen to your thoughts. They fool you! You are going to wake up with clear thoughts which are not deceived by the night! Everything is not as bad as it seems now, isn’t it Daytime-Julia?

Yes, that is true Nighttime-Julia. It’s the next morning now and I reread what I wrote last night when I couldn’t sleep. It took me awhile to calm down and fall asleep again. The causes which were holding me up last night are actually not a big deal, but it felt like a big deal. These couple weeks this happens quite often. I have to decide on many things right now and I think this is still bothering my mind at night. But daytime is for decision making and nighttime is for relaxing. When these little “panic attacks” happen in the night, I try to distract myself, think of something else, breath consciously, read a little until I feel tired again and my heart calms down.

But whatever you do, don’t trap into a spiral of worrying. Everything will be better again next day!

picture by pixabay.com


4 thoughts on “Wide Awake

  1. Hello Julia,
    I don`t think that your thoughts fool you. That sounds as if you have an inner enemy. You don´t!
    In my opinion and experience your thoughts just remind you, of who you also are… a human being grown up in a world which knows anxiety, worries and tears. You thoughts are a part of yourself, and as that they are ok.
    It´s not a nice feeling to worry, to have fear and panic, I know that very well. But what if those feelings and thoughts just distract you from who you love to be… isn´t that just a good reminder? Maybe it´s your chance to grow.
    Everything that happen to me, I try to accept it as a signal, as a chance to continue to grow further, in direction of the light. So, step by step I learn to look at my fears and worries as a friend, not as an enemy anymore.
    Feels much better. What do you think?


    • I rather mean that you have hundreds of thousands thoughts a day but why should I listen to the negative/worrying thoughts? I decide not to listen to the thought “I have to move my leg in order to walk” but why should I listen to “I am afraid”? I rather decide not to do so…


      • I understand, and I didn´t mean to let worries or fear grow, to let it become
        a fearmonster, but it is and it will still be there wheter you ignore it ore not, it will only change it`s appearance. To feel anxiety is maybe uncomfortable (for a while), but to ignore it, means to ignore, excluding a part of yourself. So why should you NOT listen to it?


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