Is being “normal” not enough?


What is “not normal” or “extreme” by my definition?

You can eat healthy but balanced with a little bit of everything or you can eat raw till 4, vegan, gluten-free (although you don’t have an allergy), no sugar, no processed food.

You can stop buying shit you don’t need or you can become a minimalist and just own 25 items.

You can work out regularly or you can work out every day, drink disgusting protein shakes and circle your mind around decreasing your fat and increasing the amount of muscles all day long.

You can go on a city-rip or you can drive with a motorcycle from Portugal to Thailand.

I call those people “extreme”. There is nothing wrong with being extreme! Everybody should live their life as they please! I don’t judge anybody, I rather analyze the effect of extremes on myself.

Restriction = Trendy?

Through social media we are always confronted with extremes. Just extreme people who manage to restrict themselves are heard nowadays. No one wants to hear something about my normal life but if you are a plant-based, bodybuilding, deep religious minimalist planning your trip around the world within 2 weeks with 500€, you are trendy.

My question: Do people always have to restrict themselves to be happy? Do people just feel accomplished, happy and proud if they managed to stick to their own set rules?

Are you proud of yourself if you lost 0,5 kg but couldn’t have a normal meal with your friends since forever?


Restriction = Control?

In our lives, many things happen without our consent. We are not in control of the economy, political decisions (for the most part), decisions of a shitty boss, homework, university rules etc. Our behavior and consumption are some of the only things we can really influence. We are in control of what we are eating, how often we work out, what we do in our private time and what we buy (except for rent, bills, a new refrigerator because the other one died, toilette paper and all the other fun adult things). Maybe restricting ourselves or making life more complicating than it needs to, is a form of comforting us. It is MY decision if I don’t want to eat meat. In the end, we want to be the boss of our life.


There is a certain pressure to stand out. There are 7 billion people on this planet, how am I different from them? Am I special? No. I am a little dot in the universe. To fight against going down in this anonymous mass, we can decide to do something different than others and be special. But if everybody wants to be special, being different will be normal.

Mediocre = Boring?

In some way we are all setting up rules for ourselves. But I oftentimes feel pressured by extreme people. Hearing of all the things extreme people do, hearing about their self-control, courage and discipline, we can feel intimidated. Should we all travel the world, eat healthy, work out, have a dream job, have a perfect body, be happy, have a successful career and multiple children?

But what if my life is mediocre? Yes, I travel here and there within Europe. I do eat healthy but also junk food, sweets and chips. I do work out but just once or twice a week and i hate it. And I’m also something like a minimalist (aka college student). I don’t go to parties and music festivals. Am I missing out on something in life?

My Conclusion

In my opinion, you need a little bit of yin and yang in your life. Good and bad. Healthy and unhealthy. Fit and lazy. Consume and save money.

I wouldn’t want to exchange my life with an extreme person. I don’t constantly want to think about what I am allowed to eat, having a bad conscious because I ate a burger and didn’t work out this weekend. I can be inspired by extremes and see what life has to offer behind my horizon, but I don’t want to be exactly like them.I don’t want to feel pressured to do certain things.They live their life and I live my life.

I love my mediocre but balanced life. I am comfortable with myself, my flaws, my laziness and my non-existing passion for travelling.


What about you?

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