Master of Procrastination


I decided to share my following thoughts and plans with you guys because I want to change a bad habit. But I need some pressure, someone looking over my shoulder. That is why I need you. I need to shout out my plan to the universe and have the pressure from this blog to stick to it and update you in a while with my experience.

I recently watched this ted talk about procrastination and I came to the conclusion that I am the master of procrastination. The Oxford Dictionary defines procrastination as:

[mass noun]

The action of delaying or postponing something:

your first tip is to avoid procrastination

Phrases: procrastination is the thief of timeproverb

If you delay doing something, it will take longer to do later on:

maybe TV and procrastination really are the thieves of time

(I think the Oxford Dictionary is quite witty.)

I have the great ability to push tasks far away from me until a certain deadline is almost reached. It gets worse if there is no deadline for a task. And it gets even worse for really uncomfortable tasks. The problem is that the thought of a task is still at the back of my mind. I can’t stop thinking about what I have to get done. Sometimes I even get nightmares. I push a task for 2 weeks but constantly think: “Oh, I still have to get this done. Should I start? No…”

So why do I procrastinate? Why do I not just do the task? Every nomal person would sit down and get the damn things done.

In my 17 years of school and uni, I was never the type of person who got homework done the day it was assigned. I got things done right before the deadline. I was also never the type of person who would write to-do-lists. I sort of just do things the way I please on the day I want. Oftentimes I have a list or sort tasks by priority in my mind. But I never write things down because then you really have to do it. I don’t want to commit to that.

I also simply don’t want to face some difficult or uncomfortable tasks. Why not ignore it till the very last moment? But I have to realize that this is not a solution. These uncomfortable things have to get done anyways. If I want to or not. Instead of constantly thinking about it and dreading it, why not just do it??

Recently (actually for quite a while but I was too lazy to change something), this method is not working out. I am stressed all the time because I don’t get things done which cause the stress. It is a vicious cycle of stress. I start at one point, remember that I have to get something else done, stop, work on something else, stop with that and etc.

I feel like my imaginary to-do-list is always full, there are always new task coming in, but nothing gets crossed out. My whole time management is messed up. Whenever a new task comes up, I feel overwhelmed because there is always more work.

On top of that, I have the feeling of not doing anything in a day although that is not the case. Since I am a student and on semester break, I have nowhere to go. I study, do my assignments, eat, chill etc. at home. I have no pressure to change that. There is no strict separation of work and free time. I don’t have to go to work from 9am to 5pm. I can work whenever I want. Sometimes till midnight, sometimes just an hour a day. But I would constantly feel that I HAD to work. I thought of going to uni like I would go to work but I hate having to pack everything and bring it with me. We are also not allowed to eat in the library but I always have to eat and drink when I work. And since I need to bring my laptop anyways, I can also procrastinate at uni.

That is why I oftentimes have the feeling: “It is 3 pm and I have done nothing today!” or “It is Monday and I have so much time for my assignment. … It is already Friday! What did I do all week??” I lose track of my tasks and what I did.

To sum it up, procrastination mixed with laziness is a deadly combination.

This will be a strong bad habit to tear down.

2016-09-03 15.20.29

My first attempt to break this habit is to start writing lists (you can see my notebook in the picture). First, a to-do-list with a realistic amount of tasks. I don’t want to note too many tasks a day because that could be too overwhelming. Second, I want to write down what I did that day. Everything. From doing the dishes, reading chapter 3 and 4, studying chapter 8, cooking dinner, bringing the trash out, writing 5 mails etc. Like a diary but without emotions.

So, I think I am going to start tomorrow.

Just kidding! I start today! Today is the day I am going to start to conquer my laziness!

I am going to update you in a couple of weeks on my progress or failure.

Let’s do this!

Are you a procrastinator? Do you have any tips to overcome this bad habit?

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12 thoughts on “Master of Procrastination

  1. I hear you on that! I’m the queen of procrastination.

    It got better with lists. The feeling of crossing out a task is great. For really unloved tasks I bribe myself 😉 Make that call today before 3 pm and earn an extra bar of chocolate / 30 mins extra knitting time… whatever works

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  2. Hellooooo 🙂

    You are me!!!! I work in the exact same pattern and it is killing me 😉 It took two years of uni to improve in some areas but I probably have to accept that I’ll neer be that person who has everything done three days in advance ‘just in case’. So…. I feel you. Besides, I really like your blog in general and will return to read more 😉

    And then I have a blogging related question: Since I’ve seen that you work with the same wordpress theme as us, where can I find out to include the same menus as you right beneath the header? I mean the ones in addition to *latest blog posts and *about me. I know they are called “Seiten” and how to create one, but how do you make specific posts appear on these sites? Any tipps where I can read up on this? You can answer in German if you like 😉

    Thanks, Laura

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    • Thank you! I want to write an update on my “to-do-diary” soon. I will always be a procrastinator too but maybe not as much as before 🙂

      I am not so sure about the possibilities of “Seiten”. What I do: Nicht bei Seiten, sondern bei Menü und dann rechts auf das Plus. Dann kannst oben oder unten oder Untermenü wählen (je nachdem ob der Reiter auf der Leiste rechts oder links sein soll). Dann wählt ihr eine Überschrift (bei mir z.B. advice). Dann wähle ich links “Schlagwort” und rechts wähle ich dann die Schlagwörter der Artikel, die ich bei advice angezeigt haben möchte. Also habe ich einen Artikel “5 tips…”, habe dem beim Veröffentlichen den Tag/Schlagwort advice gegeben und dieser wird dann automatisch im Reiter advice angezeigt. Bei “latest blog posts” habe ich einfach im selben Prinzip die Überschrift von “Startseite” geändert.
      Ich hoffe, meine Erklärung hilft euch 😉


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  4. Great post Julia!

    People will get a lot of support from just knowing they are not alone in the fight. Procratination has historically been my biggest enemy too.

    When I was a college student we could submit essays up to 5 days late with a penalty of 5% per day. I never started writing until they were 4 days late; but things have changed.

    I became so frustrated that I put all my energy into find a solution. The Coursera Learning to Learn course really solidified the things I’d found. I’ve summarised by key strategies here so feel free to take a peak. Good luck and keep up the good work!…if you can 😀

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  7. Exactly me right now! I think I plan for the short term (daily goals) as well as a timeline – so for example, by the 1st of June, I would have liked to complete studying up a certain section of a textbook! Hope this helps! Great post though!

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