August Recap


Here is a new part of my recap-series. What has been going on in August?


1) What made you happy?

Hanging out with my family and friends in my hometown.

2) What frustrated you?

The vicious circle of my thoughts.

3) What were you grateful for?

(I am always grateful for my family, friends etc.) You guys! Thank you for over 100 Follower!

4) What made you proud of yourself?

Nothing special.

5) What do you want to improve?

I don’t want to stress about deadlines which are still weeks away.

6) Was there an exceptionally funny moment?

My boyfriend and I were just goofing around and all of a sudden had laugh attacks for no reason 🙂

7) Did you fulfil the goals from July?

1. Enjoy my week at my parent’s house (not thinking / worrying about uni)

Nope. I enjoyed my stay but couldn’t stop worrying, had nightmares etc.

2. Write more than one articles per week


3. Not stressing out when I start my programming project in the second half of August (coding is so frustrating…)


8) What are your 3 goals for next month (September)?

1. Find the right words to write an article about what is bothering me right now.

2. Find a new good book to read (I have been starting a lot of books recently but they turn out so boring that I stop reading. Any recommendations for fantasy/history/dystopia?)

3. Live by the motto: Your accomplishments don’t define who you are.


See you soon!


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