Is being “normal” not enough?


What is “not normal” or “extreme” by my definition?

You can eat healthy but balanced with a little bit of everything or you can eat raw till 4, vegan, gluten-free (although you don’t have an allergy), no sugar, no processed food.

You can stop buying shit you don’t need or you can become a minimalist and just own 25 items.

You can work out regularly or you can work out every day, drink disgusting protein shakes and circle your mind around decreasing your fat and increasing the amount of muscles all day long.

You can go on a city-rip or you can drive with a motorcycle from Portugal to Thailand.

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Guilty Conscience in an International Relationship


Recently, I was watching a documentary about Confucianism. I always heard that if you want to understand China, you have to understand Confucius. It is basically the moral, ethics and behavioral code of Chinese people since thousands of years. So I started reading more about it. The bottom line of Confucianism is the community. In western societies individualism is the quintessence. Who am I? What do I want to do? But in Chinese society it is important to blend in, to be a part of a functioning nation or group of people. Living well with other people, respecting your parents and ancestors and therefore becoming a good person, are the most important aspects about Confucianism.


Did you ever wonder why Chinese people usually travel in huge groups and everywhere you go, you never see one Chinese person but a group? Confucianism is the answer. They enjoy being in a group. They don’t mind being with a lot of people were we rather travel individually with maximum our family or couple of friends as companions.

I don’t want to go too much in detail about Confucianism at this point. I still have to learn more about it and want to write a separate article about it.

There is something I haven’t shared with you in my Reality of an International / Binational Relationship article.

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Invisible Illness


Did you ever see a person in a wheelchair and thought: “This person must be paralyzed”?

Did you ever see a person with crutches and thought: “This person must have problems walking”?

Did you ever see a person with a blind person’s cane or guide dog and thought: “This person must be blind”?


But what about a person without all these aids and signs of a sickness?

Don’t ever assume a person is perfectly fine just because you can’t see their problems.

“Oh, don’t be so lazy. Eat healthy and do sports. It will heal on its own.” Said by arrogant doctors and specialists across the country, who don’t want to admit, that they don’t know a diagnosis for a seldom and invisible sickness.

They have no idea how much the patient suffers every day, physically and also mentally, by being accused of laziness by ignorant people.

It doesn’t heal on its own since 20 years.


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Your “In Basket” will never be empty

Recently I have been really stressed by university. Although it’s semester break right now, I have so much to do. There is even more work now than in the semester itself. The semester starts in about a month and then new projects start. I couldn’t see the end of work anymore. There are many things I have to do at once and my life-work-balance was completely messed up. I knew that I couldn’t stop working and that there would always be work but I had to change my perspective of work.

In these moments I like to pick up the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff” from Richard Carlson. It basically has 100 tips to become calmer and not get stresses by little everyday matters. This is not a book review but a post inspired by the book.

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Do opposites attract each other?


Today I met Alice to study together and in a break we talked a bit about our relationships. She was previously in a relationship with a guy who was just like her and it made her crazy. (If you don’t know Alice you can read this post.) After two years they broke up. Now she is in a relationship with one of our classmates who is the total opposite of her. When the rumor of their relationship was spreading around, everyone react the same: “Whaaaaat??!! How can they date????”

Alice is a perfectionist, our classmate is pure chaos. She told me that this relationship is a nice and refreshing change.

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